Antalya cable car hand firewood!

Those who want to see the snow in Antalya, as well as Saklıkent Tahtalı Mountain also preferred many local and foreign ropeway by taking the chance to see the magnificent beauty from the top. 35 1 20 TL 55 2365 300 500 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX Those who want to go to the cable car ride from XNUMX will be pockets. Haydar Gümrükçü, Operation Manager of Antalya Teleferik, said, z Foreign tourists during the week and local tourists flock to the cable car to watch the scenery and cool off at the weekend. We have XNUMX and XNUMX visitors every day. Gün

In summer and winter, the Tahtalı Cable Car Plant, which is in high demand, will carry local and foreign tourists. 31 TL, the local tourist currently transporting the cable car will rise to TL.


Antalya's tourism industry, and even in the summer to allow recognition of tourists in the summit of the Tahtalı summit to Antalya to look at the bird's eye view of the cable car 31 will be burned after March. Haydar Gümrükçü, Managing Director of Tahtali Teleferik, which is the longest cable car in Europe, said: ğı 2365 TL transports the total to 35 to 50. There is a price reduction on special days and weekends. Foreigners are now getting 70 TL and they are normally getting 31 TL. 55 After March, our cable car will transport to XNUMX TL for local tourists sonra.


Emphasizing that the cable car offers opportunities for both summer and winter tourism, Gümrükçü said,, Foreign tourists during the week and local tourists flock to the cable car to watch the view and cool off at the weekend. We have 300 and 500 visitors every day.

Visitors can take the 10 to the peak in minutes. The ski lift, built in 2006 near the tourist towns of Göynük, Kemer and Tekirova, provides an excitement for its contents at the height of 380, while at the same time allowing it to live in summer and winter. Because in summer, the beach can be swamped and the snow can be played.

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