90 x 90 Sigma Profile Features

The details of how this profile will be used in the projects are taken into consideration while producing each profile and at the same time it is ensured that the production of the profiles is continued to meet the expectations in their use in these projects. Accordingly, it is one of the most preferred profiles in light and heavy series. 90 × 90 sigma profile production is made in a way to be suitable for many areas of use. 90 x 90 size of this material in terms of use to provide a large area and at the same time in terms of having different points of contact with the feature of the housing can be preferred. In addition, this product is often preferred with its 45 shaft, bush and ring structure.
90 x 90 Sigma Profile Usage Areas
For the 90 × 90 sigma profile, which has two different forms in light and heavy mass productions, it is possible to create various areas of use for these products with different structures. Especially in areas that have a large area and are expected to have long durability under high power, such profiles may be used. At the same time, this profile type is one of the most effective solutions when permanence is desired in small-scale projects in the building sector. These products are very advantageous with the bearing system that allows the movement elements to be attached.

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