Artvin's Hopa Port Seeks Railway

Hopa Port of Artvin Wants a Railway: Hopa Port Operations Manager Meriç Burçin Özer stated that HEPP and construction projects in the Eastern Black Sea Region should be evaluated well. Stating that the trade has shifted to the east in recent years, Özer said, “For the last two years, we have been serious both in terms of competition and customers, both internationally and in Turkey. kazanwe have obtained. As of last year, there is a 50 percent increase in tonnage between this year and this year,” he said.
Özer stated that the export or importation of the Eastern Black Sea Region is important and the purpose of the use of the transit is important. With the ships coming from the Far East and the Ocean from the extreme countries, they moved these goods to the shore of the Caspian Sea by evacuating them in the harbor of Hopa and loading them to our ships. If you do not have railway projects, your chances of competing up to a certain point. At every stage, our customers ask us first whether there is a railway connection at the port. As we are used to this, we are preparing answers or.
Ukraine, Georgia, Russia and Romania, such as competing with the ports of the record Ozer, said:
"Port Hope fuel has the status of private ports in Turkey, closed stores, I do not think that another port with grain silos. Batumi is very close to us, but our goal is 1 million Batumi handling 5 million tons Batumi 8 million tons handling. The only logical explanation of the difference between tonnages is the fact that it serves as a window with Batumi and railway connections. We started to work on the opportunities and opportunities in the Hopa-Batumi railway analysis to bring employment to the region and the burdens it will bring. These are long projection studies. Our region is open to development. This is the safest zone for floating trade. We are trying to explain this to our customers. Ukraine not only in the international arena is very competitive with less of Turkey, Georgia, Russia, we also compete with ports such as Romania. The lack of rail that hit us the most. If we know that we are much better in terms of experience, education and facilities and practices, then it is possible to choose a railway link if the competition is in question. Diğer

Source: Media 73

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