34 Istanbul

Metrobuste Snow Density (Video)

Snow Density on Metrobus: Adverse weather conditions also affected Metrobus flights. Metrobus with the addition of private vehicles overflowing Istanbul residents can not be overflowed. Metrobuses are crammed at the main stops and waiting at intermediate stops [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus is off the road in Istanbul (Video)

The metrobus underway went out of control at the Darülaceze Stop location. Entering the D-100 Highway, the metrobus brought the traffic to a standstill. The accident occurred around 11.00:XNUMX am. Metrobus heading towards Mecidiyeköy, snowfall and slippery [more…]


Tender for TCDD Railway Ferries

2012 / 118662 tender number for TCDD train ferry 22 number of life purchase tender was concluded. HÜSEYİN BURAK TAFLI won the tender which has an approximate cost of 176.000,00 TRY with 139.986,00 TRY bid. RESULTS [more…]

Shinkansen high-speed train
81 Japan

Shinkansen High Speed ​​Line Japan

Japan is the first country to use high-speed trains. The construction of the Tokaido Shinkansen High Speed ​​Line between Tokyo and Osaka began in 1959 for the first time. Shinkansen High Speed ​​Train Line, which was opened in 1964, is the busiest in the world. [more…]


Konya market

While trying to cross the road in Konya, the life market on the Konya tram, a person slipped under the tram and was rescued from the place where he was stuck as a result of the meticulous work of the firefighters. The accident occurred in central Seljuk at around 18.15:XNUMX. [more…]


Çorum Airport and Fast Train Campaign to Launch

Çorum Airport and High-Speed ​​Train Campaign will Be Launched The President of Çorum Hittite Associations Federation, Cemal Emir, said that they will launch a campaign to build an airport and bring a high-speed train to Çorum. Emir, together with the federation managers [more…]