14 Bolu

Is Boluya fast train coming?

Will the high speed train arrive in Bolu? AK Party deputy Ali Ercoşkun Bolu, Turkey State Railways (TCDD) launched by the Directorate General for the province 15 found the statement about High Speed ​​Rail Project. Ercoşkun, [more…]

03 Afyonkarahisar

Afyonkarahisar Ankara High Speed ​​Train Line Basis

Groundbreaking for Afyonkarahisar Ankara High Speed ​​​​Train Line With the completion of Afyonkarahisar Ankara High Speed ​​​​Train Line Project in three years, the distance between the two cities will decrease to one hour and 15 minutes. Afyonkarahisar Ankara, whose tender was made [more…]

86 China

Long-Speed ​​Rail Line from Turkey

Long high-speed train line from Turkey: The longest high-speed train line in the world, with a length of approximately 2 thousand 300 kilometers, was officially opened in China. This distance is 565 kilometers from one end to the other. [more…]


Black Sea Railway to Open the World

Let's Open the World with the Black Sea Railway Rize City Council Railway Working Group President Hamit Turna, in his statement drew attention to the importance of the Black Sea Railway. Turna said, en While the age of railroads in the world starts again, the Black Sea Railway [more…]


Secondary Bridge Interchange Opened

Ikinisan Interchange 26 December 2012 On Wednesday, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali YILDIRIM, Governor of Van Munir KARALOGLU, General Director of Highways M. Cahit TURHAN, with the participation of regional deputies and the public [more…]


World Rail Domestic Wagon | TÜVASAŞ

Domestic wagons on the rails of the world: Turkey Wagon Sanayi AŞ (TÜVASAŞ), which meets the wagon needs of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) and manufactures domestic diesel sets, has started exporting. in Turkey in 1951 [more…]