Unable to Locate Sivas YHT Station

It was learned that the location of Sivas YHT Station has not been determined yet. It was learned that there is no exact location for the YHT Station, which is claimed to be built in the area where the TCDD Sivas Logistics Directorate is located next to the station building on İstasyon Avenue. The issue that the station was going to be built in front of the Intercity Bus Terminal or parallel to the airport had been raised before.
In Sivas, which is planned to meet with High Speed ​​Train (YHT) in 2015-2016, uncertainty about the location of YHT Station continues. While no clear explanation has been made in this regard, TCDD 4. Regional Manager Hacı Ahmet Şener stated that the issue of the place was not clear.
When it is completed, the giant transportation investment which will reduce the travel time between Ankara and Sivas to 2 hours to 39 hours will also contribute to the development of the city.
5 prepared for the YHT station, which is expected with excitement in the city, has been presented to the people of the city for a separate project 1 month and a survey was conducted to determine the station to be made in the city. The results of the recently completed survey are expected to be announced in the coming days. The public wants the station to be explained with the station project.
TCDD 4. Hacı Ahmet Şener, Regional Director, stated that the rumors about the location of the high-speed train station did not reflect the truth, and confirmed that the subject was not yet clear.
Stating that the works on High Speed ​​Train are carried out by the Railway Construction Department of the General Directorate of TCDD, Şener also underlined that the YHT works are not related to the regional directorate. Stating that they frequently encounter questions about YHT and the location of the station, Şener said, "This is not our job, we are not authorized to determine the location."
Evaluating the news and rumors on some websites regarding the location of the station, Şener said that he did not make a statement about the location of the YHT Station.
Sener also spoke:
“I did not explain. This is not our job anyway. Each time, issues related to High Speed ​​Train are asked to our regional directorate. We only declare that this is the best place. Nothing is certain about the location of the high speed train station. This is already done by our General Directorate, Railway Construction Department. So this is not our job. High speed train issues are beyond our business. A job carried out by the Railway Construction Department.
We have a very large area in that region (the area where TCDD Sivas Logistics Directorate is located). So as the expropriation area of ​​our railways. We already talked about it when our minister arrived. We are not authorized to locate ”.
According to the information obtained, 3 different regions are on the agenda for YHT Station to be built in Sivas. It is asserted that an area parallel to the airport is considered on the Sivas-Ankara highway route, which is the entrance of the city to the city as the first region, while a region opposite the intercity bus terminal is considered as the second region.
The area that comes to the fore for YHT is the region where the TCDD Sivas Logistics Directorate is located next to the Sivas Train Station.
Considering the existing structures and businesses, the station is thought to be a part of TÜDEMSAŞ and its surroundings, in other words, in the vicinity of the intercity bus terminal.
It was learned that the train station, which will be built on the high speed train route, will be open to development.
With the completion of the YHT project, which will accelerate the transportation of Sivas with the cities and districts on these routes, especially Ankara and Istanbul, the transportation period between Sivas and Ankara will be 2 hours 39 minutes, and the time between Sivas and Istanbul will be 5 hours 37 minutes.
According to information obtained, Sivas-Ankara YHT Project Yerköy-Sivas between the 4 pieces of the YHT station was planned. Yerköy, Yozgat, Sorgun and Yıldızeli stations will be built between Yerköy and Sivas.
Construction works of the buildings and outbuildings of the stations included in the scope of the project will be tendered.

Source: Sivas's Voice

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