Why there is no rail system in Sanliurfa?

Why there is no rail system in Sanliurfa?
My beautiful hometown Sanliurfa worthy of all the best of course, of course the rail system, but what is the story of anyone in Sanliurfa to make a radical change.
Population is based on the border of two million left in my hometown of the Metro even more of their project is not talked about the election of the people who come to the feet of the politicians who made various promises after the election as if nothing was said as to what the next election can do for the infrastructure, how to trick people It has been.
However, Urfa has an excellent infrastructure for both the geographical structure, the ecological structure and the economic structure of the rail system.
But the light rail is always under the Sumerian so that he can get the material for the next choice.
Our people are always seen as a business. Under these conditions, the development of this city from the coming to the level of contemporary civilization and how to face the face can not know.
If you want to go home in Şanlıurfa at night after ten, you can either force the floor or put money on it! You have to go home with a taxi, why the municipality does not confiscate this issue, Why at least, there is not a bus on duty in remote neighborhoods.
However, if the rail system, both Harran University students and people working until late at night, most importantly, the traffic of the city will be greatly relieved, dear friends, we have a choice of municipalities in front of us, and again promises to fly in the weather, I hope that after the election these promises remain in the air and delayed service laid the foundation of the rail system
For a livable Şanlıurfa, we have to go a long way and we have to choose the people we choose as managers

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