Izban Weekend 2 Canceled Train Flight

Izban Weekend 2 Canceled Train Flight
Every day between Odemis District and Izmir 6 trains, Saturdays and Sundays, one time was canceled. It is reported that the application will continue until 1 February 2013.
Cancellation decision related to the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) by the statement made by only Fridays from Ödemiş on Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays 19.20, while at Basmane of two trains moving from the 21.30, renewal line between odemis-bagged and due to maintenance work can not be done. After the end of the work to renew the rails, these two campaigns will be restarted from the date of 1 February 2013. In the statement, tarih 02.11.2012-31.01.2013 dates; 32343 / 32344 train will not be operated between Basmane-Ödemiş city-Basmane train, 32343 train Ödemiş city-ÖdemişGar, 32336 / 32335 and 32338 / 32337 trains Tire-Çatal-Tire. X
The other 6 reciprocal train service between Ödemiş and İzmir can be done in a delayed way due to road works.

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