Change in the public transportation route in Taksim | Taksim square

Making Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and carried out by November 5 2012, which will start on Monday because of Taksim Square in Taksim Square editing work between bus and taxi-minibus passenger waiting and transfer of changes were made in order.
According to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Press Consultancy, the new routes of the public transportation vehicles will be:
- There will be no changes in the access and operation of the Metro and Funicular in Taksim during and after the work at Taksim Square.
- During the work on Taksim Square; From the direction of Şişhane, and the last stop of Taksim, IETT Buses will return to Şişhane direction again by downloading their passengers before coming to the region where Tarlabaşı Boulevard begins.
- Buses coming from Harbiye direction are the last stop in Taksim; They will come to Divan Hotel-Asker Ocağı Caddesi-Mete Street - Taksim Square and come back from the same route.
- Buses to Harbiye; Tarlabaşı Bulvarı - Taksim Square - Mete Caddesi-Asker Ocağı Street (front of Divan Hotel) will go to Harbiye direction.
- They will go to direction of Tarlabaşı and continue on to Şişhane direction via Abdülhak Hamit Street (Old Road).
- Taxi-minibuses will be deployed in the 100 meters behind the waiting areas that are still in use, and they will use the Temporary Traffic Route, such as IETT buses.
- After completing the Taksim Square Arrangement works;
- No bus will be able to enter Taksim Square.
- All of the transit lines stopping at Taksim will use Tarlabaşı Bulvarı and Cumhuriyet Street. For this reason, bus stops will be constructed in 2 lane within the vehicle underpass.
- Buses will return on Tarlabasi Boulevard by loading and unloading passengers.
- They will go to Harbiye direction, they will reach the subway of the tunnel under construction and the bus stops in the underpass will be able to reach Taksim Square.
- After arriving at the intersection in front of the Divan Hotel, vehicles coming from the direction of Harbiye will return from the new U turn. Other means of public transport will work the same way.
- Passengers who get off the bus on the tunnel subway will be able to connect directly to Taksim Metro and Funicular.
- Before the last stop of Taksim, the last stop will be Tarlabaşı.
- The work of taking traffic underground in Taksim Square is carried out by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department and Department of Science Affairs.

Source: Hürriyet

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