What will happen to the cable car project in Ordu?

📩 24/11/2018 09:45

Army Mayor Seyit Torun, about 10 million pounds of the ropeway project, "my belief that the cable car will not be destroyed," he said.

Torun, told reporters in his office, about 1 about the cable car project that entered service years ago, Council of State 14. Recall that after the decision taken by the administrative court in the Army, the decision to stop the execution.

Torun stated that they were sorry about the decision and that they made the necessary objections as a municipality. "What happens after that is against us, frankly I do not know what happens," he said.

Torun, who told the public about the cable car project from time to time was misinformed, said:

Yeni It is a fact that there are new developments related to the ropeway project. This issue went to the Council of State because the Ministry of Culture and Tourism had appealed or appealed against the decision of the administrative court in Ordu. The Council of State 14. The Department also stopped the execution of the decision of the administrative court here. Current developments are in this direction. The Council of State will also discuss this. Despite the decision of the administrative court, the prosecutor in his favor despite the opinion of such a decision emerged unfortunately. Three to four months before the decision was given by the new decision. It is obvious that this is a somewhat contradictory decision. It is regrettable that despite the opinion of the administrative court, despite the opinion of the prosecutor in our favor, that such a decision was made despite the fact that the expert reports were fixed. We will follow the result. We will try to prove that the result is wrong or wrong. There's nothing final yet. Our work continues. Çalış

Answering a question about whether the destruction of the cable car is on the agenda Torun, said:

“I don't have enough information on this. If it is decided to demolish who or how to demolish it - I cannot say clear things for them. But frankly, I have faith that the lift will not be destroyed. This is not a statue, let it go or break it, or it is not a statue in Kars. All the documents we have and the decisions we have made are in our favor. There was no negative decision until the Council of State. We've done nothing illegal. Moreover, if an opposite decision is made after this process, a price of this should be met if it is called 'dismantle it'. Money was spent here. Legal spending was made. This expenditure must be compensated in some way by someone. We didn't finish the project on our own. The law said, 'go ahead', and we moved forward. We believe that sooner or later, justice will be replaced. ”

Torun, said the 1 50 was used by a thousand people after the ropeway project started.

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