TIR collides with the accelerated train in Konya

konya accelerated train crash
konya accelerated train crash

📩 05/03/2020 08:24

In the accident that occurred as a result of the collision of the accelerated train and TIR at the level crossing in Konya, 1 people were injured, one of them seriously. The accident occurred today at 3 at the level crossing of the central Meram district Yayla Pınar District. The accelerated passenger train, number 12.30, under the management of Sezai Bilmez (31), who was going from Konya to Karaman, collided with the 62414 BZJ 31-plate truck driven by Mehmet Acay (42) at the level crossing where warning signs were located. TIR flew into the irrigation canal next to the level crossing due to the impact of the collision.

While the passengers on the accelerated train escaped unscathed in the accident, machinist Bilmez and assistant mechanic Uğur Noyan (32) and truck driver Mehmet Acay were injured. The wounded were taken to various hospitals in the city by ambulances. It was learned that the machinist Bilmez, who was under treatment, preserved the seriousness of his health. Passengers on the train were sent to Karaman by shuttle bus.
An investigation into the accident continues.

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