34 Istanbul

Aksaray tram station to be taken westward

The plan to change the face of Aksaray in Fatih district of Istanbul was accepted by the majority of votes in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council The plan to change the face of the Aksaray Square in Fatih District, Istanbul Metropolitan [more…]


Akyazı proposed for Trabzon logistics center

Gümrükçüoğlu argued that the existing 800-acre area filled in Akyazı could be increased to 500 thousand acres and the logistics center could be moved to Akyazı. Sürmene Çamburnu Shipyard, which is considered as the logistics center, [more…]

31 Hatay

Ropeway work continues in Antakya

In the cable car project, the construction activities of which are continuing between Iplik Pazarı and Habib-i Neccar Mountain, to be brought to the city tourism by Antakya Municipality, continue the excavation works of the sub station. [more…]