34 Istanbul

Metrobus travelers pay attention!

Metrobüste 1 The new pricing system, starting in September, causes the majority of citizens to pay a lot of money. Passengers who need to take the money back from the money return machine must take the money back. [more…]

34 Istanbul

They protested the Hike of Transportation

A group of activists gathered in front of the mecidiyeköy metrobus tolls protested the hikes to public transportation charges by the Transport Coordination Center (UKOME). Group members after the press release [more…]

34 Istanbul

Drowning in the creek

To the attention of Mr. Kadir Topbaş; The efforts of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to make our Istanbul one of the modern cities of Europe are admirable. I am a citizen of Beylikdüzü-Sefaköy traveling on business. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Horror Empire

Kadıköy-Kartal metro was opened, with the participation of Recep Bey. Living in Üsküdar KadıköyAs someone who loves to go to the metro investments is far from satisfying me now [more…]

53 Rize

Accident on the Primitive Ropeway: 2 Injured

Two sisters falling from the cable car in Rize are struggling to survive in the hospital. Share According to the information received, Şükran (19), who wants to cross the cable car in the tea garden in Aksu District of the district. [more…]

52 Army

Is the cable car really close?

The Council of State overturned the decision of the Ordu Regional Administrative Court on the ropeway service, which has carried 1 million people to date. The decision had no effect in Ordu. Mayor of Ordu [more…]