Can the Caucasus be an International Trade Way?

What can be done for the diversification of trade routes in Eurasia? Could the region be a new route of trade between Europe and China? Can the Historic Silk Road be resurrected? Can the region be a transitional corridor of resources other than oil and natural gas? These possibilities were evaluated at a meeting in Washington. The meeting was followed by Alparslan Brunette.
In the vast region from Europe to India and China, international trade is mostly carried out by sea. It is more affordable in terms of cost, but longer in terms of time.
20 Caucasus states, which have gained their independence from the Soviet Union over the years, do not want to be out of this trade route from Europe to China.
The vision of Taleh Ziyadov, one of the researchers of the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy, after 10-15 year after year: Diversification of trade routes in Azerbaijan dependent on oil and gas trade through pipeline, creating a new land bridge between east and west. According to Ziyadov, the Silk Road caravans of the past were replaced by large ships carrying containers. Taleh Ziyadov, author of the book ğin A Regional Corridor in Central Eurasia: Azerbaijan, X says that there has been a huge commercial explosion since 2000 in his country, but underlines that sectors other than oil and natural gas are not considered well.
Ziyadov hopeful of two projects: One of them is planned to be completed by the end of this year the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line. The main railway In the 2007, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia were established by the presidents of participation. According to Taleh Ziyadov, if the Marmaray project is completed, Baku will be connected to Europe via Istanbul and even a continuous railway line between Europe and China will be established. Another project is a railway line from Azerbaijan to Iran and India.
The two biggest rivals of the Caucasus in this area are the Transsibiria railway going through Russia in the north, and the sea route from Suez to the Indian Ocean in the south.
Political instability is the biggest disadvantage of the region: Azerbaijan is in war with Armenia and Georgia is in war with Russia. According to experts after the 2014 year after the withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan, the stability of this country is also questionable.
Johns Hopkins University International Turkey Economic Policy who attended the meeting held at the High School Research Foundation, Washington Representative Neslihan Kaptanoğlu, in the Caucasus, "the central aisle," he wrote this trade route gold as it was in the same oil and natural gas pipelines that need to be divided into different routes drawing. Kaptanoglu, this ın middle corridor seçenek within the framework of the creation of trade routes TEPAV, other routes as an option to look at. One of them is a railway line from Armenia to Baku. This is not possible before the war between the two countries ends. In addition to this, Turkey, the existing railway between Armenia is holding off for nearly a year 20. But, if the peace of a railway line will go from Turkey to Nakhchivan, Baku over Armenia extension is possible.
According to the Azeri expert Taleh Ziyadov, the way to revive the Silk Road is on the one hand the innovative approach of the private sector and on the other hand the cooperation of the Caucasus and Central Asian states.

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