3. railway connection to the bridge

  1. Railway connection will be made to the bridge: TCDD Deputy General Manager Murtazaoğlu: “3. A railway connection is also planned for the bridge. Until the end of this year, the construction tender project of one section continues. We are trying to advertise before the end of the year. ”

İsmail Murtazaoğlu, Deputy General Manager of TCDD, recalling that a railway connection to the 3rd bridge is planned, “The construction tender project of one section will continue until the end of this year. We are trying to advertise before the end of the year. ”

“9.” Organized by UniCredit Group Turkey Infrastructure Finance Conference "Speaking at the Murtazaoğlu next to it with three subsidiaries belonging to the railways that the entire capital of domestic and foreign subsidiaries of the associates said that 3-3.

Murtazaoğlu emphasized that train operations are economical, safe and fast, and that cleaner energy is used here and costs other than operating costs are quite low.

year the number of passengers and cargo in Turkey that the transfer of 46 million people and 25 million tonnes of cargo Murtazaoğlu, the words continued as follows:

“When we look at Germany, Italy and Spain, we clearly see that we are far behind Europe in passenger and cargo. In Turkey, 12 thousand kilometers of railways fell kilometer, 34 kilometer in Spain falls 45 kilometers of railways in Romania. Our railway transportation infrastructure must be improved. Railways continue to work with heart and soul to fulfill the task assigned by the central authority. Therefore, investments on railways are increasing every year. While the investment in the total sector was 2003 billion lira in 1,1, it will be 2015 billion lira in 8,8. ”

  • “Currently, 72 percent of Ankara-Eskişehir trip is done with YHT”
    Murtazaoğlu Ismail, said that the need to develop the railway infrastructure in Turkey, told the innovations made in the sector in recent years.

Murtazaoğlu reminded that they realized the first High Speed ​​Train Line (YHT) between Ankara and Eskişehir.

“Eskişehir is now a suburb of Ankara. While 8 percent of the travel between these lines was made by train, this rate increased to 72 percent after the high-speed train. There was no direct rail connection on the Ankara-Konya line. However, now 66 percent of the trip is done with YHT. Ankara-Istanbul line serves up to Pendik. Hopefully, when the Marmaray is completed, we will see that when we can serve all of Istanbul, Ankara-Istanbul will take a significant part of passenger traffic. A railway connection is planned for the third bridge. Until the end of this year, the construction tender project of one section continues. We are trying to be announced before the end of the year. ”

Murtazaoglu, a thousand 213 kilometers high-speed train line is under operation, stating that the length of the lines of construction and the tender phase is a thousand thousand thousand kilometers expressed.

Stating that the entire Ankara-Sivas line is under construction, Murtazaoğlu said, “Our tender for about 40-50 kilometers between Ankara and Kırıkkale is about to end. The infrastructure of the 150-kilometer section has been completed. The entire line is 405 kilometers. Infrastructure progress in the remaining sections is around 70 percent. We are continuing our preparations for a superstructure tender for Ankara-Sivas before the end of the year. Infrastructure construction of Ankara-İzmir YHT project is ongoing. ”

There are also a number of high-speed train lines outside the YHT transfer Murtazaoğlu, currently about a thousand kilometers during the construction and tender phase, while the project phase 12 a thousand kilometers said line.

Murtazaoglu, a North-South line, a Southern connection and a Western connection to the Central Anatolia, freight and passenger transportation will be carried out within the framework of the 2023 goals, he said.

  • "Turkey is in the middle of a freight corridor"
    Ismail Murtazaoğlu, when YHT-speed train lines have been completed and Turkey will have the opportunity to travel with them stating that 52 percent of the population, "We need to improve our existing lines. There were roads that had never been renovated for nearly 80 years. We have renewed these. Thus, our commercial speed started to increase. ”

Emphasizing that they will be able to participate both in the supply tender and in the tender of the connection part project in Yenişehir in Bursa this year, Murtazaoğlu stated that the project for the construction of Kayseri-Antalya railway infrastructure is continuing and that they are expected to be completed in the second half of 2017.

Murtazaoğlu, Turkey of a "freight corridor" located in the middle underlining that, thanks to completing the infrastructure investment position if passed would achieve very significant gains.

Currently, there are 12 sets in YHT operations, Murtazaoğlu said:

“We measure all our lines periodically and use them to ensure safety. 2016 very high-speed train sets will be purchased in 6. One of them was taken. The geometrical state of the 185-kilometer part of our Konya line has a geometry and infrastructure that can make 300 kilometers. Now we are going with 250 kilometers / hour, but after providing our vehicles in the future, we can go with higher speeds, ie up to 300 kilometers / hour. In total, we will purchase 106 high-speed train sets. We will purchase them with local and learning-based technology. 53 percent of them in a way that will be produced in Turkey. companies that sell it to us to find a way inside and its partners will produce in Turkey. We will also contribute to the industry of our country. ”

  • "Turkey's potential in the medium term will provide the highest growth among the countries"
    By the way, Carlo Vivaldi, Head of the Central and Eastern Europe Division of UniCredit Group, told the press after his opening speech. sohbet held the meeting.

Vivaldi, after the elections and reminded that the uncertainty in the country before November 1 on a question related to how the projection that the country has changed, "I said that Turkey was important for UniCredit. We do not consider short-term volatility in our projections. We are looking at the medium and long term potential rather than this. ”

Turkey's Vivaldi explaining that they see that it has a good potential in the average age of the population and, in the long term as an investor in UniCredit said that they thought he should look at this.

Stating that it can be said that political stability will reduce uncertainty, Vivaldi said, “This will create more confidence in the development of the country. We have no objection on this matter, ”he said.

Turkey is a country that generally exhibit above average growth Vivaldi attracting attention, continued his speech as follows:

“But as of now, there are more growthers. For example, the Czech Republic and Slovakia have achieved more growth. In general, we see good growth in Central and Eastern Europe. There is a deep recession in Ukraine. There is a recovery here too, but it will take more than 10 years to reach previous levels. Russia is again a country with negative growth. The growth here will turn into positive in 2016, maybe in 2017. ”

Vivaldi, Turkey's medium-term potential to ensure the highest growth among the countries that underlined.

Vivaldi, 3. Upon the question of why they did not participate in the financing of the airport, they stated that they had not agreed with the customer during the negotiation process of the project.

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