The project to destroy Haydarpaşa is closing the suburban line!

The steps towards opening the Haydarpaşa Train Station to speed are accelerating. In this context, high-speed train operations are being proposed, the commuter train service between Gebze and Pendik is stopped from April 29. The work of thousands of people is expected to take 2,5 years.

The commuter trains used by thousands of people every day are being closed gradually due to “high-speed train works Her. In this context, the first 29 will stop from Gebze-Pendik between April and April. 2,5 is expected to continue for thousands of years, while 2013 will be closed to the Pendik-Haydarpaşa commuter line in February. At the end of the project, Haydarpaşa will lose its feature.

Suburban service stops after intercity flights
1 February 2012 Haydarpasa Train Station closed to intercity transportation is now being closed to suburban flights. The commuter train services, which are used by thousands of laborers especially at the time of the overtime, are closed to transportation. Thousands of laborers are expected to suffer a great deal of grievance after the decision of high-speed train works.

Thousands of laborers will be victims
According to the statement from TCDD, after the closure of the line, Gebze-Pendik will pass the route near the bus routes will be placed. Despite this, it is unlikely that thousands of laborers will be able to use the bus in the morning. Moreover, the route, which is extremely congested in traffic, is said to be such a step that will make the traffic inevitable.

Haydarpaşa Solidarity: “The station is depilated and opened to rain”
M Haydarpaşa Solidarity arı, who made a statement about the issue, emphasized that the purpose of stopping the flights was to trench Haydarpaşa Train Station and to open up to plunder. Haydarpaşa Train Station, which is held every Sunday, who invited the Haydarpaşa Solidarity "Haydarpaşa Solidarity" in the statement, said the struggle for the stop of the process should be enlarged.

BTS: in The reason for the arrangement is neither Marmaray nor the Fast Train B
Hasan Bektaş, the chairman of the Unified Transport Employees Union, Istanbul 1, who evaluated the regulation to soL, stated that the High Speed ​​Train works, which are considered as the reason of the regulation, are not the main reason for the Marmaray Project, and that the main reason is the removal of Haydarpaşa from the status of the garage. said it was a million square meters of rent.

”Pendik-Haydarpaşa will be closed in February 2013“
Bektaş, who stated that Pendik-Haydarpaşa commuter flights will be closed for transportation as of February 2013.Halkalı line will be stopped and these works will take about 2,5 years said.

”Great riot kar
Bektas emphasized that it is possible to renew the lines without closing them, but it is not costly, i The duty of the Ministry of Transport is not to prevent the transportation of citizens. Here, the lines had to be renewed before being closed for transportation Burada.

Bektaş stated that after the line was closed, a great chaos would emerge and said:

Ak It is not possible to transport the passengers of a line that is close to a thousand people to 200 every day. Moreover, considering the congestion of this route, the dimensions of chaos will also increase. When we think that the 27 that took place in 1 per minute will take exactly XNUMX hours by bus, the problems are better understood. Daha

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