TÜVASAŞ workers march to Ankara

located in Sakarya, Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) workers, said the factory would be liquidated under the pretext Ferizli moved to the town, has started to walk to Ankara react.

A group of workers gathered in front of the factory reacted to the move of the factory, made a press release. Turkish Transportation Vice Chairman Cihat Koray, the last days of the TÜVASAŞ'ın Ferizli moved to the public on the agenda of the public, said: un The plant's business area of ​​TÜVASAŞ is narrow, it is said that the need for a larger business area. They put forward such a justification. We also say that the field of TÜVASAŞ, the operation area is sufficient for the activities of the factory. There is not even a closed area of ​​TÜVASAŞ, the general business area of ​​the corporations, which are important brands in many sectors. Birçok


Emphasizing that TCDD was asked for monopoly in passenger and freight transportation after the new Railway Law prepared by TÜVASAŞ and the name of the Ministry of Transport, Koray continued his speech as follows: “TCDD, which means 10 billion lira market in the next 30 years. has the idea of ​​liquidating TÜVASAŞ, where it sees an obstacle in front of multinational companies that want to get more shares from this market. ROTEM will stay here, we have no joint ties with ROTEM. We have no partnership. It is separate, we are a separate organization. The aim here is to liquidate TÜVASAŞ on the pretext of moving, and to smuggle it from the public in Sakarya. ”

Workers from the union then started a march towards Ankara. The workers will arrive in Ankara on Monday and press release in front of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

Source : http://www.anadoluhaber.net

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