Aksaray Can Be A Logistics Center

Ali Rıza Alaboyun, who said that there are very rapid developments in Aksaray since 2002 and that these developments are reflected in the population of Aksaray inevitably, even though the general population of Aksaray 8 - 10 has been fixed for years, the center is in the municipality. 50 - 55 increased by 10%. Speaking of the demand for settlements and settlements from the towns and districts of Aksaray, the deputy said, vekil The main reason for this development is the developments following the Incentive Law in OIZ. A dynamism occurred when the giant companies around the world invested in Aksaray. Aksaray is a city which has dynamism and movement in itself. Its charm is a city in itself. Kirsehir, Karaman, Niğde is an incomparable dynamism, Kır he said.

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Deputy deputy said 3 period that they are seriously evaluating this dynamism Alaboyun, said they could not capture the level they want with the full meaning. Ali Rıza Alaboyun said that they missed some of the big companies due to some mistakes in the local region. In Despite all this, Aksaray is still a city with strong dynamism about attracting investors. We need to consider this much better, Bunu he said. Some of the developments dragged together, the MP said, ğ In the first years we were talking about the railway, this was like a populist demand. However, as the OIZ grew, as the demand of the companies there increased, the railway became a must. With the arrival of the Minister of Transport in Aksaray before the elections and our Prime Minister promising this to Aksaray on the election square, the geological and geophysical studies related to the railway were started. I think these geological studies will last 18 months. Then, where the rail will pass, the infrastructure will be, whether the ground is available or not will begin work on the point. The most important of Samsun to Turkey with this study - Mersin railway line will be connected. So the North - South on the railway will be fully connected. Then it will become a logistics hub for the railroad in the middle of Aksaray, Turkey, "he said.

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On the other hand, he said Aksaray could become a logistics center on the highway and said: lojistik This is something I've been thinking about for a long time. The structure of Aksaray is very suitable for such a logistics center. Today, some of the companies that do the transportation business, TIR can not find the place to put the containers. I always see this painting, especially on the road to Adana. We need to create a new place for them. Aksaray becomes a new center of attraction if these companies are given great places and if they build their own social facilities and warehouses. Bu

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