Kadir Topbaş, "The bridge that will connect the Metro and Marmaray will be opened in 2013"

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbas, Halic Metro Transition Bridge in the press about the allegations related to the project is aimed to slow down the President said that the project is still delaying the project. The Golden Horn Metro Transition Bridge will be put into service at 19 Hal. According to the Star newspaper, the Golden Horn Metro Transition Bridge 'UNESCO standards are not appointed by experts explaining that UNESCO is not appointed' stressed that the Topbaş göre UNESCO has deemed appropriate. He had previously asked us for two changes, giving us a positive report.


Mayor Kadir Topbas, said. Or Someone still wants to get into this project that has been delayed by 19 for years. UNESCO has not done such a project. We had no such request. UNESCO does not already make the project. It is an evaluation board. We tried to reveal the project of our municipality by taking the views of them in the most efficient way by taking the environmental conditions into consideration. There were some objections. Independent boards, two independent scientists prepared a report. Seeing these reports, UNESCO approved it. We had asked for changes, giving us positive reports before. The bridge that will connect the metro to Marmaray will be revealed as 2012. We'il see the system. 2013''te open service. Think of this can be done after 19 year. Delaying such a subway system that can carry several hundred thousand passengers a day is a serious loss of time in terms of economic loss. UNESCO is an independent institution. We're on the side, we're inside. UNESCO has no problems, someone is still working on the project. UN


Noting that the urban transformation project planned to be carried out in Istanbul could exceed 100 billion dollars, Mayor Topbas said that they closely followed the developments regarding the city's renewal. Kadir Topbaş said başlatıl The work with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has been continuing and that comprehensive work has been started, especially earthquake and disaster transformation. Il Among the districts we see most risky in Istanbul, we have Avcılar and Küçükçekmec. Work on all. In the first stage, 100 million dollars are mentioned. This project also passes the mentioned amount. We do not want Istanbul to be threatened by these disasters. We, as local governments, work in serious cooperation. We also work with the government ministry. There is a disaster law on the commission now. Istanbullular'da saw that, I thank you for that. Istanbulites are ready for this period as it was never before. Olmadı

Source: Domination

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