35 Izmir

Level crossing cuts off trains to closed neighborhood trains

Izmir Karşıyaka In the district, the citizens who protested the closing of the level crossing stopped the transportation by entering the railway. İzmir Suburban AŞ (İZBAN) flights resumed after approximately 3 hours. Citizens reacting to the closing of Şemikler level crossing with concrete barriers, protesting the situation [more…]


Foundation is laid for Concrete Travers in Sivas.

With the factory, the foundations of which will be laid tomorrow, the domestic rate of sleeper production will reach 97 percent. The foundation of Sivas Modern Concrete Sleeper Factory is laid with a ceremony to be held tomorrow. According to the written statement made by TCDD, Sivas Modern was established with the participation of the institution and with local and Italian partners. [more…]

06 Ankara

Increasing High Speed ​​Train Schedules.

Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Konya Deputy Harun Tüfekçi, at a press conference, stated that a significant distance was taken in Konya in terms of divided road. Reminding that only 2003 kilometers of divided roads were built in Konya until 159, Tüfekçi [more…]


Railway Transportation Association (DTD)

The Railway Transport Association (DTD) is an association established by companies that carry 3,5 million tons of freight per year by rail and aim to increase the share of railway transport. Railway Transport Association, to develop railway transportation in line with the requirements of the age and the country and [more…]


Nükhet Işıkoğlu: Atatürk and Railway

On the 71st anniversary of his death, we commemorated Atatürk, the founder of Atatürk and our Railway Republic, the leader, the commander-in-chief and the head teacher, who devoted his whole life to his nation for the sake of national unity and solidarity, with respect, love and longing. Under the leadership of the Great Atatürk, under occupation, poverty [more…]

52 Army

Skiing in the Army

The 300-meter track at Çambaşı Ski Center, which is being constructed by the Ordu Governorship with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Ordu's Çambaşı Plateau, was opened to the service of ski lovers. Telescope assembly in the first place at the ski facility under construction for some time [more…]


Aksaray Can Be A Logistics Center

Deputy Ali Rıza Alaboyun, who said that there have been very rapid developments in Aksaray since 2002 and that these developments inevitably have reflected on the population of Aksaray, said that although the general population of Aksaray has been stable for 8 - 10 years, the center, namely the Municipality [more…]