Viking Rail Project will make Turkey's Middle East Center

Speaking in Bursa Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Economic Security Policy Department, in charge of Energy and Transport policy Vytautas Nauduzas, said Turkey's 7,5 billion dollar resource allocation needed Viking railway project with Samsun Middle East Region will become centers for.

Nauduzas, who started his Bursa tour by talking with Deputy Governor Vedat Müftüoğlu yesterday, held a press conference at Otantik Hotel to promote the Viking railway project. Nauduzas said that the railway is cheaper and faster in transportation, and that 40% of the time in international transportation is spent at the borders. Stating that the time spent at the border in rail transportation does not exceed half an hour, Nauduzas said, “We are in a global crisis. Everything in the world is constantly changing and has to change. Around 10 billion dollars in the world is used for transfers. The European Union is carrying out projects related to the Baltic countries in order to get rid of the crises. Now we have to produce everything more effectively and cheaply. ”

TRANSPORT TO Scandinavian Countries 2 WILL DAY

Nauduzas stated that the Chinese and Lithuanian transport ministers came together and stated that projects that have been produced from Klapedia to China and that can be used for container transportation, "A project that will be shorter and more effective than the seaway has been produced. The Viking project will reach the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. The trucks from Istanbul travel 5-6 days to reach Scandinavian countries. With the Viking project, this period will be reduced to 2 days. Moldova and Georgia also support this project. Azerbaijan and Baku will join us shortly. When the containers are sent to Turkey in participating in this project from the Middle East, it will reach in a short time in England. Samsun may become a center that can appeal to the Middle East region. Istanbul in Turkey and other central points may be in Bursa. Turkey has the opportunity to make a lot of railway projects. It needs a $ 7,5 billion investment in Turkey. The project will be 734 kilometers from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. Negotiations are underway for another train route from Moscow. Waiting at the border will be stopped. Lithuania has a 150-year railway history. We have a wide network that can reach logistics points, ”he said.

Stating that Lithuania is the security capital of the European Union, Nauduzas pointed out that Lithuania will become the president of the European Union in 2013. Nauduzas added that fast and green transportation will be on the agenda frequently in the coming days.

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