Mayor Toçoğlu answered the questions of citizens about the light rail system on Twitter

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu said, lı Our primary goal is to move to the rail system between the two terminals with the existing train station and then to offer the light rail system in our city and to offer it to the service of our people Sak.

Metropolitan Mayor Toçoğlu, twitter asked questions asked by the citizens. President Toçoğlu, who explained the light rail system, stated that their primary goal was to move to the rail system between the two terminals with the existing railway station and then to build a light rail system in the city. Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu said, ç There are two different pillars of the works we carry out in this framework. The first leg of this work is between the new train and the new terminal. As known, we intend to use the existing train rails to use the train sets we will get on that line. We also reached an agreement with TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman. We have set our modern contemporary train sets and we will put it in the service of our people. We'il take a step on the rail system. Then, we will present our main target light rail system to the service of our people. Let's hope we will meet the Sakarya citizens with light rail system, ary he said.

President Zeki Toçoğlu, who has made statements about TÜVASAŞ, said that TÜVASAŞ would like to serve in a larger and more modern area, of course. President Toçoğlu said, 'The transfer of TÜVASAŞ is not in question at the moment. TÜVASAŞ develops in place if necessary. Our government will also encourage investors to develop railways. Our municipalities are doing rail systems. We don't have the idea of ​​making these coins out. Bu

President Toçoğlu, who explained the innovations in transportation, said: ğ When I came, university students were opening a page on Facebook. 'Are you traveling with these vehicles?' He said. Today I get positive reactions. We are talking about the transportation of a university with more than a thousand students. We've taken over the transportation of a minibus with an overflow of% 40. We got buses close to the 95 vehicle. We are strengthening our transportation fleet. We activated KART50. Kart54 started to be used in our public buses. Inshallah this application will come into play in our districts. We've gotten the bellows. We are doing tenders, we offer modern buses to the citizens. It is not easy to regulate transportation, to make people accustomed to mass transportation. Was there a card system in the past? In which contemporary city do people travel and exchange money? Are these little things? Bunlar

President Zeki Toçoğlu stated that very good works were carried out in Yenikent and the services continued to increase. I Yenikent is the future of Sakarya. We bring together very good services to our citizens in our work. When I look at the face of our citizens there, I see that they do not have statements two years ago. We built Yenikent Park. We'il get a social center. I hope we will solve the drinking water problem completely. We make a park near Kornak in 40. We are working to revive social life. We're strengthening transportation. We continue our double road works. Life is much more beautiful in Yenikent with our investments. La

Speaking in relation to Uzun Çarşı, President Toçoğlu said, ile We will do a good work in harmony with the aesthetics of the city together with Uzunçarşı and Adapazarı Municipality. We've consulted with our tradesmen, we will. God willing, will be very beautiful in Uzunçarşı. Lah

Sakarya in terms of the subject related to the subject of Sakaryaspor and Metropolitan Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu said, ve I know I love the heart and Sakaryaspor'u. But I do not have a more forward-looking behavior related to what is said about Sakaryaspor. I always continue to support Sakaryaspor but it will not be a different practice. I love Sakaryaspor and see it as the value of this city. For Stat, how did the stat matter develop? Did anyone ever have a new stat in mind? We are playing our matches at Atatürk stadium. The 15 can accommodate up to thousand people and must be realistic from the outside view also not pleasant. We will transfer the existing area to TOKİ and get a new stat. In addition, in our new concepts, our stats are made as a life center. Inside, shopping centers, cafeterias, rest areas are made. We want to win a new stat. In addition, we have recreation projects in the designated region and this region will be much more beautiful with the stat asyon.

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