New Boats of the Coast Guard Command are Ready

New Boats of the Coast Guard Command are Ready
New Boats of the Coast Guard Command are Ready

It has been announced that the ARES 35 boats produced by ARES Shipyard for the Coast Guard Command are ready for delivery. Announcing the development on his LinkedIn account, ARES Shipyard Deputy General Manager Oğuzhan Pehlivanlı said, “The KB Fleet is ready for service.” used the phrases.

ARES 35 FPB is a fast patrol boat developed by Ares Shipyard for the Coast Guard Command. The boat can reach a speed of 35 knots per hour. ARES 35 FPB control boats are used in all territorial waters of Turkey.

It is designed and built for irregular migration, search and rescue, the fight against human trafficking, and security. Control boats, which are expected to be able to intervene in all forensic cases at sea as well as human smuggling, will be deployed mainly in the ports of small towns. No permanent personnel will be assigned to the control boats, they will be used by the coast guard and gendarmerie teams of the region in case of need.

General characteristics of the bot

  • Full Length: 10.80 m
  • Width: 3.30 m
  • Draft: 0.83 m
  • Deplasman: 85 ton
  • Max Speed: 35 kts
  • Travel Line: 160 NM

In April 2021, Ares Shipyard announced that the first patrol boat was launched in its largest shipbuilding project, consisting of the construction of 122 boats. Martyr Eren Bülbül Patrol Boat, the first Patrol boat brought to the Police Force in January 2022 within the scope of the "Control boat project" by the Presidency of Defense Industry of the Republic of Turkey, started to work in Trabzon.

164 domestic boats were delivered to the Coast Guard Command

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu stated that 164 domestic and national boats were delivered to the Coast Guard Command and the Marine Police. Making a statement on the subject, Soylu said, “We have brought a total of 107 boats to our forces, 57 of which are for our Coast Guard Command and 164 for our police teams. I hope that our boots, which have many features, will be beneficial for both our country and our nation.” had used the words.

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