Psychosocial Support Personnel Dispatched with 10 Affected by the Earthquake

Affected by the Earthquake and Psychosocial Support Personnel Dispatched
Psychosocial Support Personnel Dispatched with 10 Affected by the Earthquake

The Ministry of Family and Social Services sent psychosocial support personnel to 10 provinces affected by the earthquake, the epicenter of which was Pazarcık district of Kahramanmaraş.

After the 10 magnitude earthquake, the epicenter of which was in the Pazarcık district of Kahramanmaraş and affecting 7,7 provinces, the Ministry's Psychosocial Support Teams immediately started field work.

In this context, 116 to Kahramanmaraş, 100 to Adana, 108 to Hatay, 53 to Gaziantep, 64 to Osmaniye, 62 to Malatya, 33 to Adıyaman, 67 to Diyarbakır, 65 to Şanlıurfa and Kilis. 28 psychosocial support personnel were referred.

Our mobile social service center (SHM) truck moved to Hatay, and our mobile SHM vehicles to Kahramanmaraş, Osmaniye and Malatya. A total of 2 warehouses were established, one each in Malatya, Şanlıurfa, Adana, Osmaniye and Kahramanmaraş, 3 in Gaziantep and 10 in Adıyaman, in order to collect in-kind aids and distribute them to those in need.

A total of 2 thousand 209 blankets were delivered from Malatya In-kind Donation Warehouse to Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, 643 blankets, and 152 to Yazıhan Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations.

In addition, in order to meet urgent needs, 10 million lira in cash aid was transferred to our Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations in 250 provinces at the first stage.

Donations for the earthquake zone

The coordination of the donations in kind collected in the districts will be provided by the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations and will be delivered to the disaster areas. Corporate companies that want to donate in kind should contact the Disaster Emergency Department and contact the Donation in Kind Warehouse Management and Distribution Working Group.

While it is expected that no donations of materials past or near expiration date, second-hand, used materials will be donated, the donations that will be considered as priority are as follows:

Gloves, coats, boots, berets, coats and winter clothes for children, catalytic stove with tube, tube, mattress, blanket, powerbank, food box (canned), diapers, baby food, sanitary napkin, cleaning hygiene material.

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