Performed 2022 Million 1 Thousand Inspections for Food Businesses in 350

Performed Million Thousand Inspections of Food Businesses in Year
Performed 2022 Million 1 Thousand Inspections for Food Businesses in 350

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry detected 2022 negativities in 1 million 350 thousand inspections carried out for food businesses in 18.

Operating under the Ministry, the General Directorate of Food and Control continues its activities with 7 food inspection officers. Official controls are carried out on a risk basis, without prior notice, within the scope of Ministry and provincial annual sampling programs, National Residue Monitoring Plan (UKIP), TIMER, CIMER, Alo 500 Food Line, WhatsApp Hotline, and complaints and complaints.

Teams conducted 2022 million 1 thousand inspections for food businesses in 350. In these inspections, 18 negativities were detected, and administrative fines were imposed on those concerned. A criminal complaint was filed with the Public Prosecutor's Office for 413 businesses.

More than 2009 million applications have been made to the ALO 174 Food Line, which was put into operation in 2,8 in order to receive notices and complaints regarding food and to involve consumers in this inspection process.

There are 39 Food Control Laboratory Directorates affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Bursa Food and Feed Control Central Research Institute Directorate, National Food Reference Laboratory Directorate and 102 private food control laboratories authorized by the Ministry. 41 of 40 public laboratories; 102 of 89 private food control laboratories serve as accredited.

Kirişci: “The best auditor is the consumer himself”

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Prof. Dr. Vahit Kirişci stated that they see access to safe food as one of the most basic human rights and emphasized that they are following this issue with sensitivity.

Expressing that they are making great efforts to ensure that citizens are fed with quality, healthy and reliable food, Kirişci said, “The food inspections of our teams continue uninterruptedly in 81 provinces. ALO 174 Food Line of our General Directorate of Food and Control works to finalize the food-related notices and complaints of our valuable citizens as soon as possible. Undoubtedly, the best auditor is the consumer himself. The more our consumers are involved in this process, the easier it is to get results. We do not let those who play with the health of our citizens, we will not let them." used his statements.

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