Number of Visitors to National Parks Approached to 2022 Million in 61

Number of Visitors to National Parks Approached to Million
Number of Visitors to National Parks Approached 2022 Million in 61

The areas protected by the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks (DKMP) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry broke the visitor record in 2022.

In 48, 261o million 31 thousand 2022 people visited 6 national parks, 949 nature parks and 167 nature protection areas affiliated to the DKMP General Directorate. This figure was recorded as a new record with 2021 million 9 thousand 248 visitors compared to 955.

With the addition of this figure, the number of visitors to the protected areas in the last 5 years has reached 232 million 562 thousand 593.

The most visited protected area in 2022 was Marmaris National Park with 9 million 14 thousand 827 visitors. Beydağları Coastal National Park followed with 8 million 90 thousand 472 visitors.

Most visitors to Muğla

In 2022, the 5 provinces most visited on a protected area basis were Muğla with 10 million 200 thousand, Antalya with 9 million 458 thousand, Kocaeli with 8 million 256 thousand, Trabzon with 3 million 817 thousand and Gaziantep with 3 million 499 thousand.

In the same period, the highest number of visitors was reached in July, August and September. Protected areas hosted 10 million 441 thousand visitors in July, 9 million 895 thousand visitors in August and 7 million 399 thousand visitors in September.

Accommodation visits also increased

In 2022, 6 million 535 thousand 627 people visited protected areas with accommodation. This number was 2021 million 3 thousand 128 in 858.

Currently, there are 48 protected areas in Turkey with a total area of ​​261 hectares, including 113 national parks, 31 nature parks, 3,4 nature monuments and 643 nature protection areas.

Kirişci: “We look after our protected areas with our investments as our eyes”

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Prof. Dr. Vahit Kirişci stated that there have been changes in people's holiday and travel habits, especially after the last two years have passed under the influence of the pandemic.

Stressing that the citizens who prefer nature and outdoor activities more, can spend their holidays comfortably in nature with both the daily and accommodation facilities provided by the General Directorate of DKMP to the protected areas, Kirişci said:

“We are pleased that more citizens prefer protected areas to be in touch with nature. Protected areas, which offer nature lovers many beauties in every season of the year, sometimes invite people to green; Sometimes it offers the opportunity to observe wild animals, and sometimes it gives the opportunity to explore the untouched nature with its white snow cover. We are doing our best to protect and beautify these areas. We take care of our protected areas with our investments.”

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