Vehicle Appraisal Damage Meter

Vehicle Appraisal Damage Measurer
Vehicle Appraisal Damage Meter

When do you need a vehicle appraiser?

If you are involved in an accident through no fault of your own, the amount of damage must be determined so that the person who caused the accident can be compensated. This also applies because insurance companies can insist on expert opinion if accident damage exceeds the minor damage limit set at 750 Euros. The motor vehicle appraisal takes care of the agreement with the insurance company.

What exactly does a car appraisal do?

First of all, the vehicle or vehicle appraisal deals with the detection of damage to the vehicle as a result of the accident. It also checks repair costs in a cost account and investigates whether the car can still be repaired. If this is not the case, it sets the pre-accident value of the vehicle, which in technical terms is called the replacement value, and compares it with the residual value of the vehicle after the accident and also evaluates:

commercial impairment determination goes beyond net loss. What this means is that the vehicle has been involved in an accident and its history on the vehicle registration document reduces the value of the vehicle because an accident vehicle is always at fault. Therefore, buyers cannot ignore that all damage caused by the accident was indeed professionally repaired. A little insecurity always resonates.

The specialist also provides an estimate of the vehicle's downtime as the basis for the amount of compensation for loss of use, which may also be claimed from the person who caused the accident. It stipulates that the victims of the accident can only demand a fee from the other party for the actual accident damage. The liability for compensation ultimately requires documentation of damage that existed prior to the accident.

How is vehicle inspection done?

In order to meet the specified requirements, a vehicle appraisal service usually performs as follows:

  •  the tool determination of technical data
  • special features
  • detailed description of the amount of damage
  • Documentation of damage through records
  • Representations of the need for repair
  • Cost calculation for damage repair
  • Estimation of time required for repair
  • Evaluation of commercial depreciation
  • Downtime forecast

Requirements for a vehicle appraiser

The profession of a motor vehicle appraiser requires a specific requirements profile and is dependent on a number of requirements, such as completion of certain courses. What are they and what salary can a motor vehicle appraiser expect in return for his or her professional work?

  •  Responsibilities: Preparation of the vehicle report, clarification of the cause of the accident, determination of the amount of damage, independent consultancy
  •  Prerequisites: driver's license, master's certificate, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and vehicle technology training
  •  Requirements: impartiality, objectivity, diligence, expressionism
  •  Earning: Between 30.000 and 71.000 Euros gross per year, depending on experience and performance

Who assigns the vehicle appraisal?

A vehicle report is required from the person who caused the accident to compensate for the damage caused by the accident. As an expert, the vehicle appraisal knows the rights of its clients and acts on its service when resolving claims. For vehicle report, customer is accident victim.

Cost of a motor vehicle appraisal

Vehicle appraisal The cost is determined by the value of damage to the vehicle. For damage amounts up to 1.000 Euros, a cost of 20 Euros, corresponding to 350% of the damage amount, should be expected. The higher the accident damage, the lower the value of the expert's participation, so that with a damage of 20.000 euros, only about 7,5 euros have to be paid, a 1.500% share of the total damage.

Who pays for the vehicle appraisal?

It should not be forgotten that in case of partial responsibility, a cost sharing should be expected for the assignment of the vehicle appraisal. On the other hand, if the accident is clearly the fault of the other party involved in the accident, they have to pay not only the accident damage but also the entire income of the motor vehicle adjuster.

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