6 October Istanbul's Liberation Day Public Transport Free

Istanbul's Independence Day From Enemy Invasion Free Public Transport
Free Public Transportation on Istanbul's Liberation Day from Enemy Occupation

The day of liberation of Istanbul from enemy occupation will be celebrated with great enthusiasm this year as well. Public transport will be free. Families will have a good time with their children in Gülhane Park and will enjoy this proud day to the fullest. All Istanbul residents are invited to the events in Gülhane Park.


Gulhane Park area activities will start at 12.00:6 with children's workshops. From magician shows to children's fairy tales, from concerts to zeybek shows, everyone, big and small, will feel the pride of October XNUMXth. On the walking path in Gülhane Park; With the Victory Road exhibition, there will be live sculptures and area decorations reflecting the period. The Istanbul Bookstore will also have an area with special discounts. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu It will address the citizens who come to Gülhane Park at 19.30. The celebrations will continue with the Pinhani concert.



12.00 : Start of Field Activities & Children's Workshops

14.00: Magician Show

14.15: Niloya

15.00: Mehmet Erbil “Once Upon a Time”

15.45: Acrobat Show

16.15: Magician Show

16.30: Mehmet Erbil “Meddah Show”

17.15: Niloya

18.00: Tales from Dede Korkut

18.20: Storytelling with Music “Playful Tales”

18.45: Folk Songs from Istanbul and Rumelia

19.15: Zeybek performance (Serdar Megalüfer)

19.30: IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu's Speech

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