Transportation Security is Provided with Bandırma Entrance Bridge Interchange and Access Roads

Transportation Security Has Been Provided With Bandirma Entrance Koprulu Junction and Connection Roads
Transportation Security is Provided with Bandırma Entrance Bridge Interchange and Access Roads

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu emphasized that the traffic density at the Bandırma Entrance Köprülü Junction and the connection roads and the at-grade intersection has been significantly relieved, and that the risk of accidents with transportation safety has also decreased. Noting that the transportation time will decrease from 10 minutes to less than 2 minutes, Karaismailoğlu pointed out that the project will save a total of 150 million liras per year.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu attended the opening of Bandırma Entrance Köprülü Junction and connection roads. Speaking at the opening, Karaismailoğlu stated that as the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, they continue their sanctions without stopping. Karaismailoğlu said, “With these investments, we are elevating Turkey to the dominance of world trade routes” and stressed that these studies will be one of the most important milestones of the “Turkish Century”.

Referring to the openings held in October, Karaismailoğlu said, “We are not content with what we do without saying east-west of our country, without noticing the village-town, metropolitan city. We are constantly working to present our new investments to our nation as soon as possible. on October 11; We opened the Ayvacık-Küçükkuyu Road and Troy-Assos Tunnels, which are very valuable for our region. With our tunnels, the integrity of the divided road was ensured on the Çanakkale-Balıkesir-İzmir Highway. Transportation between Northern Marmara and Southern Marmara and Aegean Regions became easier. Last week, we opened the 104-kilometer-long Hekimhan Road, which includes 14 bridges and 8 tunnels, connecting Malatya to Sivas and shortening the journey time by 35 minutes. Then, we put the Diyarbakır Southwest Ring Road, which connects Diyarbakır to the most important transportation axes of the region and reduces the travel time from 40 minutes to 15 minutes, into the service of our nation. We made the last source of the Bitlis Stream Viaduct, which is 100 percent domestic and national, the first in its class in the world, and an engineering marvel. Afterwards, we opened the 9-kilometer Bitlis Ring Road into service,” he said.


Expressing that Balıkesir undoubtedly received the share it deserves from these infrastructure and zoning investments throughout the country, Karaismailoğlu stated that they invested over 24 billion 190 million liras for Balıkesir's transportation and communication investments. Karaismailoğlu, who also gave information about the investments made in Balıkesir, said, “During our governments; We took the divided highway length of Balıkesir from 70 kilometers and increased it approximately 10 times; We reached 690 kilometers. Balıkesir with divided roads; We connected it to Bursa, İzmir and Manisa. 52 percent of our highways throughout the province are of divided highway quality. This rate is above the Turkey average. In Balıkesir, we increased the 31-kilometer hot-coated asphalt length to 633 kilometers. In our Balikesir; We built 7 bridges with a total length of 860 meters and put them into service. We took the amount of expenditure allocated for the highways of Balıkesir from 115 million and reached 956 billion 10 million liras. The total cost of our 838 highway projects, which are under construction throughout Balıkesir, reaches 16 billion 4 million liras. One of the most important projects of our Republic; It was the mission of knitting our country with iron nets. Unfortunately, it was left unfinished… For many years, no stone was put on top of the stone. It has been the AK Party governments that have embraced this mission and this vision.”


Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Karaismailoğlu said, “Our district of Bandırma, on the Bursa-Bandırma-Çanakkale road from the East-West axis, is an important center in industry and maritime trade as well as its historical value. In our district, which has the second largest port of the Marmara Sea after Istanbul, industrial investments are increasing day by day thanks to our infrastructure works. The density and importance of Bandırma, the apple of Marmara's eye, is also increasing. We, too, are experiencing the happiness of putting the Bandırma Entrance Köprülü Junction and Connection Roads into service today, which will ease this burden and befit our city. Within the scope of the regulation of city traffic; We turned the Bandırma Entrance Junction, which serves as a level intersection, into a bridge crossing. In our study; We completed the 3 kilometer long interchange with 2×2 lanes and bituminous hot pavement. In addition, within the scope of the project; Along with the 6-kilometer-long connection road, there are 395 Bandırma Entrance Junction Bridges with a length of 2 meters, 35 overpass bridges with a length of 2 meters, 30 underpass bridges with a length of 2 meters and a pedestrian underpass.


Emphasizing that the traffic density at the at-grade intersection has been relieved significantly with the intersections and connection roads at different levels, Karaismailoğlu noted that the risk of accidents is reduced with transportation safety. Expressing that they provide the transit and urban vehicle traffic comfort of Bandırma, Karaismailoğlu said, “Transportation time will decrease from 10 minutes to less than 2 minutes. With the implementation of our project, in one year; 137 million liras from time, 13 million liras from fuel; We will save a total of 150 million liras. It will also decrease from 2 tons of carbon emissions; We will continue to protect our environment,” he concluded.

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