Mountaineers from Izmir Will Walk the Ephesus Mimas Road

Mountaineers from Izmir Will Walk the Road to Ephesus Mimas
Mountaineers from Izmir Will Walk the Ephesus Mimas Road

The Turkish Mountaineering Federation (TDF) will bring together mountaineering clubs in İzmir for the Ephesus Mimas Road walk organized by İzmir Provincial Representative Office and supported by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.

Registration has started for the Ephesus Mimas Road Hiking activity, which will be held on 20-23 October 2022 in partnership with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is in the planned program of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation and organized by the TDF Izmir Provincial Representative. While the number of participants in the Activity was limited to 150 athletes, a quota of 5 athletes was given to each club. It has been announced that only Licensed Athletes can participate in the event, whose application deadline is set as 15.10.2022.

The march, which will take place as a camp, will provide support for the delivery of food and the transportation of the excess camp load with the help of vehicles at the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Evening Campground, which will take place on the Zeytinler, Kayakilise, Demircili Bay, Azmak, Sığacık route. Those who want to participate in the activity will need to contact TDF İzmir Provincial Representative Office.

The walking path, consisting of 709 tracks with a total length of 49 km, starts in front of the Temple of Artemis in the ancient city of Ephesus; It ends in Karaburun, whose mythological name is Mimas. The walking path connecting six ancient Ionian cities and other historical areas in the Peninsula Project area offers olive and vineyard themed routes to its enthusiasts.

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