Hackers Focus Game Industry

Hackers Focus Game Industry
Hackers Focus Game Industry

WatchGuard Turkey and Greece Country Manager Yusuf Evmez emphasizes that cyber security measures should not be ignored in the gaming industry.

Cyber ​​attacks against the gaming industry continue. It is stated that Rockstar Games, the creator of the GTA 6 game, was also attacked by hackers. Hackers infiltrating Rockstar Games' network servers, similarly, in different cyber attacks, hijack player accounts in web applications, causing accounts and personal data to be sold. Data loss, including credit card data, draws attention. The attack on GTA 6 reminds us of the importance of cyber security awareness in the industry.

“We recently suffered a network attack where an unauthorized person illegally accessed and downloaded confidential information from our systems, including early development footage of a new GTA game.” The cyber attack, which was carried out by infiltrating the internal servers of Rockstar Games, the developer company of GTA 6, reveals the devastating effects of the vulnerability.

WatchGuard Turkey and Greece Country Manager Yusuf Evmez draws attention to this event, which brings up the devastating effects for the game industry, and states that both time and effort can be saved by avoiding the bad consequences of cyber attacks on games that take a long time and effort, thanks to applicable cyber security measures.

Providing information on protection from cyber attacks, Evmez said, "The GTA 6 leak shows us that attacks from network attacks are critical for all sectors and that organizations from every sector should have a comprehensive network security architecture." made the statement.

“Cyber ​​security reflex should be developed in the game industry”

Evmez states that vulnerability scanning should not be ignored and security tests should be applied regularly so that web applications are not at risk, emphasizing the importance of auditing suspicious movements and rules created for cyber security.

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