Üsküdar Fest 2022 Enthusiasm Embraces All of Istanbul

Uskudar Fest Enthusiasm Embraced All of Istanbul
Üsküdar Fest 2022 Enthusiasm Embraces All of Istanbul

After the Kolpa and Sefo concerts, which were watched by over 100 thousand people, young people from all over Üsküdar and Istanbul rejoiced with the Idiom and Pinhani concerts in Harem Square last night. The first popular band of recent years to appear on the stage was the group İkilem. Serhat Karan and Uğur Ateş, the soloists of the Dilemma group, who came into our lives during the pandemic period and were very popular, sang their songs with tens of thousands of young people in the Harem Square.

"After this hour", "Timeless songs", "I disappear in your smile", "I woke up without you", "There is a reason" and "I can't pass you" were the songs of the group Dilemma.

After the dilemma, the Pinhani group, which produced very special songs in Turkey, met with young people from Üsküdar and Istanbul. The Pinhani group, consisting of the members of the group Sinan Kaynakçı, Selim Aydın, Hami Ünlü, Akın Eldes, Eray Polat, Cem Aksel and Zeynep Eylül Üçer, gave a wonderful summer evening concert to tens of thousands.

“He knows me”, “He is far from the world”, “You make me believe”, “Take me”, “I am so used to you”, “Love is a season”, “I am not well”, “No one can see you”, “How nice you laughed ” and “I don't get tired of loving” were sung in unison in the Harem Square.

Üsküdar Fest 2022, organized by Üsküdar Municipality, will end with Derya Uluğ and Ceza concerts this evening. In the festival, where 2 concerts are held every day, the concerts start at 19.30 and 21.00.

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