This August Will Be Different in Sakarya: MTB World Cup, Cycling Festival and 3 Concerts

This August MTB World Cup Cycling Festival and Concert will be different in Sakarya
This August MTB World Cup, Cycling Festival and 3 Concerts Will Be Different in Sakarya

The Metropolitan Municipality organized a full August. With the MTB World Cup, Bicycle Festival, EXPOs and concerts of Ekin Uzunlar, Sefo and Bilal Sonses to be held within this scope, the city will be filled with excitement between 12 and 28 August. President Ekrem Yüce said, "We are waiting for all of Sakarya to our festival and world races, which we will hold for the first time with its concert, race, EXPO and events."

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality organized an August program that excited hundreds of thousands of citizens. Metropolitan, which has made its name known as the World Cycling City by bicycle all over the world and hosts world races in the Sunflower Cycling Valley, one of the largest bicycle facilities in Europe, will host an unforgettable event. After the decision was taken to hold the MTB Eliminator World Cup to be held by UCI in Sakarya, the "Bike Fest", which will start for the first time in the city and become a tradition, was prepared upon the instruction of President Yüce.

MTB World Cup

The program included concerts, events and sports activities. In this context, the festivals and races, which will continue between 12 and 28 August, will offer a great opportunity for the citizens. The excitement of the race will start on August 12 with the Sakarya MTB Cup. On August 14, the UCI MTB Marathon Series international race will be run and this race will be followed by the Sakarya MTB Cup Night Race, which will be held on August 17. The biggest excitement will be competing in the UCI MTB Eliminator World Cup, which will be held on August 21. Athletes from all over the world will sweat for the championship on the mountain track.

EXPO Sakarya and Tour Of Sakarya

Thousands of sports fans are expected to follow the cup, which is one of the most important world races of cycling, through live broadcasts and from the stands. After this race, “EXPO Sakarya” will be held in Sunflower Cycling Valley between 24 and 28 August. Stands will be set up in the fair area and Sakarya will be introduced to guests from all over the world. In this area, different activities will be held for children and young people. Thousands of people will be hosted in this fun and cultural program that will last for 4 days. The race program for August will end with the "Tour of Sakarya" between 25 and 28.

Ekin Uzunlar, Sefo and Bilal Sonses

Concert programs that music lovers and young people are eagerly waiting for will be held while the races continue. Ekin Uzunlar, one of the well-known names of Black Sea music that has reached millions of people with her songs, will take the stage at Bicycle Valley on August 21 at 19.00. Increasing his fan base day by day, Sefo will give a concert to his fans on August 25 at Democracy Square. At the end of the two concerts, the “Bicycle Fest” program will be closed by Bilal Sonses, the rising name of pop music, on August 28 at 19.00 in Democracy Square.

“We will all be in the field for 16 days”

Expressing that they will experience an unforgettable August in Sakarya and that they will start a traditional organization with the "Bike Fest" they started, President Yüce made an invitation to all Sakarya residents and said, "As we have said before, a program befitting our World Bicycle City Sakarya, which identifies its name with bicycles. we prepared. We will be in the field for 16 days with the world cup, concerts, EXPO Sakarya and beautiful events and we will witness this excitement. We want to see all of Sakarya in our Bicycle Fest program, where we will host thousands of sports fans from all over the world. The excitement begins and we are starting an organization that the world will follow closely. Good luck,” he said.

BICYCLE FEST schedule is as follows:


  • Ekin Uzunlar – Sunday, August 21 – 19.00 (Biskilet Valley)
  • Sefo – Thursday, August 25 – 19.00 (Demorkasi Square)
  • Bilal Sonses – Sunday, August 28 – 19.00 (Democracy Square)

Races and EXPO

  • 12 August – Sakarya MTB Cup
  • August 14 – UCI MTB Marathon Series
  • 17 August – Sakarya MTB Cup Night Race
  • 24 August / 28 August – EXPO Sakarya (Valley area)
  • 25 August / 28 August – Tour Of Sakarya Race

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