First Pickaxe Hit in Yiğitler Mahallesi Ketsel Transformation Project

First Pickaxe Hit in Yigitler District Ketsel Donusum Project
First Pickaxe Hit in Yiğitler Mahallesi Ketsel Transformation Project

Preparing Bursa for a healthy future with its urban transformation projects, the Metropolitan Municipality started excavation works after the demolitions in the transformation in Yıldırım's Yiğitler District.

Realizing projects that will carry Bursa into the future in every field from transportation to infrastructure, the Metropolitan Municipality has accelerated its urban transformation projects to make Bursa, which is in the first degree earthquake zone, a safer city against earthquakes. The Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to create safe living spaces for Bursa residents with earthquake-resistant residences by improving the physical and social collapsed areas that have worn out over time, started the excavation works after the demolitions in the urban transformation project covering the Yiğitler, Esenevler and 75. Yıl neighborhoods of Yıldırım.

In the first phase, which will be built in the first region of the urban transformation project, which covers a total area of ​​6,19 hectares and consists of 184 buildings and 350 zones with 3 beneficiaries, first the citizen interviews were completed. While there are 9 buildings and a total of 425 beneficiaries in the area, the demolition of the buildings belonging to the citizens, which was reached in the negotiations with the right holders, was completed. While all of the immovable owners whose buildings were demolished in the project area benefited from the rental assistance, Burkent, one of the affiliates of the Metropolitan Municipality, which received the tender after the displacement of the existing power lines, started the construction excavation and excavation works.

Conversion in place

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will bring a contemporary look to the region, which will be purified from unplanned construction, with the urban transformation model it has prepared 'with the heart of the citizens, in the places where they live and with the fast basic principle'. It is planned to complete the construction of the 7st stage in 4 days, consisting of 105 blocks with a ground plus 16 floors, a total of 1 flats and 540 shops. In the first stage, a total of 65 flats and 2 shops will be given to eligible citizens within the scope of the tender project. In the Urban Transformation and Development Project Area, appraisal, reconciliation and implementation studies are continuing regarding the 2nd stage project area.

no profit motive

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that they set out to say 'Transformation Begins with the Metropolitan' in order for the future to be brighter, safer and more beautiful. Chairman Aktaş said, “We started this process with a citizen-oriented approach, a non-profit model based on mutual trust, and we continue to do so. After the demolition in the first stage, we started the excavation works. The project will both add value to Yıldırım and increase the quality of life of the people of the region.”

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