'Social Differences' Training for Women in Ankara

Social Differences Education for Women in Ankara
'Social Differences' Training for Women in Ankara

A training on "Social Differences" was held within the scope of the Women's Empowerment Center Project in cooperation with the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and the Dutch Embassy. Strengthening the capacity of women experts, awareness kazanThe trainings, attended by many representatives from non-governmental organizations to various professional groups, will continue until October in order to increase

Writer Ayşe Sucu said that social differences are richness and opportunity and continued her words as follows: “Our social differences are actually a very important topic. There are superstructures that determine us, we can say that our identities, belief plays an important role here. How do we build ourselves within these superstructures, in the context of our affiliations, in the context of this ethnic origin, in the context of belief, in the context of tradition, in the context of culture, in the context of history, etc. We have to protect our singularity as singular beings, but on the other hand, we have to establish a life together by taking into account our differences under those structures. Our differences are our wealth, our possibilities. Among these possibilities, universal principles in the 21st century; We can build a beautiful world by considering concepts such as basic human rights, freedoms and human dignity. “

Şenay Yılmaz, ABB Women and Family Services Department Head of Women's Studies, stated that trainings are important for women's empowerment in society and that's why they care: “We have completed the first year of our project and entered the second year. This is a training we provide for women experts working in non-governmental organizations. Our training will continue. All universities, NGOs and municipal human resources are welcome to attend our trainings. Those who want to attend the trainings can see the training dates on our website. It is a very enjoyable and useful training program.”

The trainings, which are organized by the Department of Women and Family Services at regular intervals according to the program calendar, attract great attention with the participation of many representatives from non-governmental organizations to various professional groups.

Stating that they found the fourth trainings very productive and they were satisfied, NGO representatives thanked ABB with the following words:

Dicle Cengiz (Platform Per Girl): “I attended all the trainings and they were all useful trainings. I left very satisfied with all of them. It is very important for NGOs to develop themselves. It is very important for us that ABB supports women and NGOs with such trainings. Thank you very much."

Emine Yilmaz: “An enjoyable and efficient training program. I follow the training closely. I enjoyed a lot. A very nice audience gathered. Being with them has added a lot to me as an educator. I would like to thank ABB and everyone involved for preparing such content.”

Nisa Göçmenoğlu (Flying Broom Foundation): “I have attended the trainings since the first training. I agree to strengthen our own capacity. I see and observe that the trainings are very useful.

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