Istanbulkart Mobile Can Now Be Used on Marmaray

Istanbulkart Mobile Can Now Be Used on Marmaray
Istanbulkart Mobile Can Now Be Used on Marmaray

The QR code payment feature of Istanbulkart Mobil, which serves as a transportation and life card; It can also be used in Marmaray after bus, metro, metrobus and sea transportation. Istanbulkart Mobil, which can be downloaded free of charge, allows payment transactions to be carried out by keeping all the discount rights defined specifically for the user.

Transfer and distance-based charges can be calculated via Istanbulkart Mobile. In addition, users can benefit from the campaigns and financial services offered by Belbim via Istanbulkart Mobile.

BELBİM AŞ General Manager and İBB Subsidiaries Technology Group President Nihat Narin said the following on the subject:

“We are very happy to offer services that will carry Istanbul, with its thousands of years of history, to the place it deserves. With the participation of Marmaray, we took one more step towards becoming a smart city by digitizing all public transportation payments in Istanbul end-to-end with Istanbulkart Mobil. With the participation of Marmaray in our Istanbulkart Mobile network, we enabled Istanbulites to transition into the digital transportation age.

Good luck to all Istanbulites. We continue to work on new projects that we will implement with a focus on digitalization, which will facilitate the lives of valuable Istanbul residents and add value to our city.”

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