120 Million Lira Cable Car Became Trouble for Beşikdüzü Municipality

Million Lira Ropeway Troubleshoot Besikduzu Municipality
Million Lira Ropeway Troubleshoot Besikduzu Municipality

The cable car, which was built by the former mayor of AKP, Orhan Bıçakçıoğlu, in the Beşikdüzü district of Trabzon at a cost of 120 million lira, has become a problem for the municipality where the CHP mayor works.

According to the news of Elif Çavuş from SÖZCÜ;“The cable car built during AKP Mayor Orhan Bıçakçıoğlu's term in the Beşikdüzü district of Trabzon has been a disaster for the Beşikdüzü Municipality, which passed to the CHP. The cable car, which cost 120 million liras, was built with 35 million lira loan from Iller Bank and the municipality's own resources.

The longest distance cable car of the Black Sea, with a length of 3 thousand 6 meters, started service in 2018. The employment contract of GİZTAŞ was terminated in October 2020 on the grounds that it could not fulfill its obligations in the contract. The cable car, which only served for 1,5 years, remained in the hands of the CHP municipality.


Mayor Ramis Uzun wanted to transfer the cable car to Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, but the municipality did not accept.

The tender for the completion of the construction of the existing commercial facilities in Beşikdağ Tourism and Nature Sports Center and their operation for 3 years on August 2022, 29, together with the cable car facility, resulted in disappointment.

There was no participation in the tender, which was issued with an annual rental price of 1 million 800 thousand, including all service revenues. The municipality found the solution to improve the conditions in the tender contract.


SÖZCÜ has reached all the details of the new contract. The company, which will enter the tender, will spend approximately 20 million dollars for the completion of the investments. The tenant will pay a total annual rent of 100.000,00-TL (One Hundred Thousand Turkish Lira).

In case the existing commercial sections in the lower and upper station buildings of the cable car facility are operated by the bidder, ten percent (1%) of the turnover obtained between January 31 and December 10, as of the start of the operation, will be paid to the administration in addition to the annual rent.

If the existing commercial facilities located in the east and west of the sub-station area of ​​the cable car facility are leased to third parties by the Bidder, thirty-five percent (3%) of the rental price will be paid to the administration in addition to the annual rent until the end of the working hours on the 35th day of the month following the month in which the rent is collected.

The percentage share to be determined in the tender, provided that it is not less than 25%, over the sum of the revenues of the ropeway facility (ticket fee revenue, advertising and parking revenues, etc.), will be paid to the administration in addition to the annual rent.

Under these conditions of the tender, if a contract is made with a bidder, Beşikdüzü Municipality plans to generate an income of 5 TL for the first 33.172.675,00 years.


Besikdüzü Mayor Ramis Uzun, who has become the target of criticism arrows over the cable car, said that some council members are trying to wear out Beşikdüzü Municipality over the cable car, and the CHP over the municipality, with the help of the media.

Claiming that the construction of the cable car was a mistake, Uzun said:

“Without solving the primary problems of Beşikdüzü, with populist rhetoric, a huge cable car project was built by borrowing the municipality. For years, not a penny has entered the municipality's coffers from Iller Bank due to the 35 million lira loan and interest. We experienced times when we could not pay staff salaries.

The cable car, which was built unplanned and unscheduled, did not benefit but harm our district. If what they were doing was a very reasonable project, it wouldn't have come to this anyway, it would definitely have a buyer. The MHP member of the council, who complained to the press that "there was no participation in the tender", accusing us of incompetence, voted against the new tender contract that we had voted at the city council meeting.

What kind of dishonesty is this. They want; Let the cable car rot, no service to Beşikdüzü, let the CHP municipality fail. We believe that we will overcome this job that has been left as a burden on our shoulders.”

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