Edremit Dilkaya Village Life Center was put into service

Edremit Dilkaya Bay Life Center was put into service
Edremit Dilkaya Village Life Center was put into service

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer opened the Edremit Dilkaya Village Life Center in Van. In his speech at the opening ceremony, Minister Özer stated that they have increased the education investment budget of Van in the center and districts to approximately 2,5 billion liras by making additions to the investments made to increase the quality of education in the city and to strengthen the equality of opportunity in education within the scope of Van contacts.

Stating that very important investments have been made in all levels of education in the last 20 years, Minister Özer expressed that the steps taken by opening village life centers have a very special importance in education policies.

Emphasizing that the schools where many students were educated in previous years became unusable due to immigration, Minister Mahmut Özer said that approximately 6 thousand idle village schools were quickly transformed into village life centers with this project.

Özer said: “There are three things we do here. First, we have made the regulation change regarding the opening of primary schools in our villages, ensuring that village schools can be opened in all points of Turkey, regardless of the number of students. The second step is to open kindergartens in our villages, while the number of students was 10, we reduced it to 5, with a change in the regulation. With just this second step, nearly 1.800 thousand children in 20 villages met with village kindergartens. Third, the most critical… We are now establishing public education centers in these village life centers. As the Ministry of National Education, we do not only provide education to the age population. From 7 to 70, we bring all kinds of education that our adults want. With these public education centers that we will establish in the village life centers, our master trainers will come here to give you the education you want, from agriculture to animal husbandry, beekeeping or any field you want, you will get a certificate and you will become much stronger in shaping your life.”

In this way, for the first time in Turkey, the educational institutions where adults and children meet in the same place will be put into practice, Özer stated that they will put 2022 village life centers into service until the 2023-1000 academic year begins. Stating that they are working to turn all the remaining village schools into village life centers until the end of the year, Minister Özer said, “We have planned 20 life centers in Van as the Ministry of National Education in order to stop the migration from the village to the provinces and districts by starting the development moves again from the village and to make these places much stronger. there was. We will complete it by September 12, 2022. Hopefully, beyond the 20 existing village life centers, we will provide the necessary support and put them at the service of all our citizens, all our mothers, fathers and brothers.” used the phrases.

A project is started at Van Fine Arts High School to present Turkey's folk songs with their stories.
Stating that they will give all kinds of support to the project, which was started at the fine arts high school in the province of Van, to reveal the folk songs of not only Van, but also all provinces and regions of Turkey, along with their stories, Özer said, “I hope that in all our provinces, our young people will share inherited stories from this past. They will carry the happiness of transferring the knitted laments, folk songs, to the next generations. I think this project that we will start in Van is also very valuable symbolically.” said.

Özer stated that he fully believes that the project to be carried out under the coordination of Presidential Chief Advisor Gülşen Orhan will be realized in a short time; Van Governor Ozan Balcı thanked the city's deputies and the Chief Advisor to the Presidency Orhan.

After his speech, Özer cut the opening ribbon of the village life center together with the protocol members and Dilkaya residents.

Surprise visit from Minister Özer to the teachers who attended the academic development and career planning meeting in Van
Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer made a surprise visit to the East and Southeast region coordinators who attended the Academic Development and Career Planning Meeting held in Van as part of the Target 2022 project by the General Directorate of Religious Education. Minister Özer with teachers sohbet He listened to his suggestions about career ladder training and written exam.

Taking the suggestions of the teachers about the different trainings in future trainings, including more training on professional development and the examination method, Özer stated that their aim is to improve the conditions of the teachers and stated that they will evaluate the suggestions.

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