Mukhtars who make a difference in İzmir will compete

Mukhtars who make a difference in Izmir will compete
Mukhtars who make a difference in İzmir will compete

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality organizes the "Mukhtars Who Make a Difference" competition. At the press conference of the competition, where the awards will be given on October 19, Mukhtars' Day, Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “We are starting the movement of muhtars, which makes a difference, in order to bring together the neighborhoods of İzmir with a more harmonious, sincere, cheerful and fruitful life. A brand new hope will arise to strengthen the democracy in place in the neighborhoods of İzmir.”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer on October 19, Mukhtars' Day kazanhosted the press conference of the “Muhtars Who Make a Difference” competition, where the moments will be announced. Beydağ Mayor Feridun Yılmazlar, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Şükran Nurlu, Head of the Head of the Head of the Headman of the District Office Ali Kılıç, muhtars, municipal bureaucrats and members of the press attended the meeting at the Historical Coal Gas Factory Cultural Center.

Saying that life now continues in a sick world, President Tunç Soyer said, “There is only one reason behind these problems. The greedy greed of a handful of people. It is this ambition that has made Turkey and the world this way. There is only one way to heal this sick world again. To build a life full of abundance again. At the World Union of Municipalities Culture Summit in September 2021, we defined this fertile life with the concept of 'circular culture'. Circular culture has four pillars. First, harmony with each other. That is, not to be entitled, not to be entitled. Second, harmony with our nature. Working not only for ourselves, but also for the bird, for the sake of it at the same time. Third, harmony with our past. Not to be inherited. To protect the ancestral heirloom, the main word. Fourth, adaptation with change. That is, to be able to see the smoke without the ship itself being seen. Not saying amen to an impossible prayer," he said.

We want to make a difference instead of trying to take the easy way out.

President Soyer stated that they will not be silent in the face of what is going on in the world and said, “We did not do this, we do not do it, we will not. We want to make a difference, instead of taking the easy way out. Here is our biggest solution partner on this road, you are our mukhtars. Because the office of mukhtar is the core of democracy and living in harmony. What is the problem of the neighborhood, in which house does our children go to bed hungry, what is the most urgent problem to be solved? Our chiefs know this best. For this reason, during my three-year tenure, I met face-to-face with 30 mukhtars of 293 districts at least once, and with most of them many times. We worked together to solve the problems of your neighborhoods. Today, we are together to take our friendship with you one step further. We hope that our mukhtars will make more difference. We are starting the movement of muhtars, which makes a difference, in order to bring together the neighborhoods of Izmir with a more harmonious, sincere, cheerful and fruitful life.”

The aim is not competition but an example for Turkey

Stating that they want to increase the solidarity and abundance of the city with the Changemakers Project, Mayor Soyer continued his words as follows: “We are holding this competition so that your work that makes a difference is better known and set an example. In fact, we hope that this study will inspire all the headmen of Turkey. The best projects will be presented with awards at the ceremony we will organize on October 19, Mukhtars' Day. I can't explain the financial rewards here, let it be a surprise to you. But more importantly, a brand new hope will arise to strengthen democracy in place in Izmir's neighborhoods. We, all of us, will compete in goodness. We will not compete with each other, but with ourselves for the good. Very good projects are waiting for us, I know.”

This effort should be appreciated and rewarded.

Saying that the muhtars, who are the first link of local democracy, undertake an important mission to increase the living standards of their fellow citizens, Ali Kılıç, Head of the Office of Headman of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, said, “We see that our muhtars work hard and try to make a difference for their neighborhoods. With the Changemaker Mukhtars competition, we aimed to announce the work of our mukhtars throughout the city and of course to set an example for each other. Within the scope of this project, our mukhtars will come to the fore with the services they have implemented within the framework of the main issues determined.”

Applications started

The “Muhtars Who Make A Difference” project aims to identify the social activities of the muhtars, who are the first link in the chain of democracy, in their neighborhoods and the issues that make a difference, and encourage them to produce projects.

Those who want to participate in the competition will be able to apply through the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Headmen's Office or as of today.

Bekir Ağırdır on the jury of the competition, Prof. Dr. Melek Göregenli, Prof. Dr. Nilgun Toker, Prof. Dr. Ruşen Keleş and Prof. Dr. Adnan Akyarli is present.

It will compete in 4 categories.

The competition, which will be held once a year, will be held in 4 categories in accordance with the “Circular Culture” strategy of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. In the "Harmony with each other" category, the headmen's work on living together and in harmony with each other in their neighborhood, their work to increase solidarity, in the "Harmony with nature" category, their work within the scope of protecting nature, living in harmony with nature and combating the climate crisis, all kinds of changes required by our age in the "Adaptation with change" category. and projects on keeping up with development, and applications implemented on the basis that it is not possible to build a future without discovering our past will compete in the category of “Harmony with our past”.

The winners will be presented with the icon of the “Differential Mukhtar of the Year” and the "Star Mukhtar" plaque to the winner of each category. In addition, the award determined by the mukhtar administration will be given.

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