Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Built 3 Crossroads in 16 Years

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Built Number of Bridge Crossings per Year
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Built 3 Crossroads in 16 Years

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to provide a more reliable and comfortable transportation to the citizens of the Capital. The Metropolitan Municipality, which started a transportation attack at the points where the traffic problem becomes chronic and where accidents occur frequently, has saved both time and economy thanks to the 3 bridged intersections completed in 16 years.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to produce solutions to transportation problems at the points where traffic turns into gangrene and accidents occur frequently. ABB; He implemented many projects from Istasyon Street Alternative Boulevard to Şaşmaz Boulevard, from Hasköy Köprülü Junction to 3 interchanges on Eskişehir Road.


Thanks to Hasköy Köprülü Junction, where the construction works are donated and the road asphalt expenditure is 3 million 400 thousand TL, the people of Ankara save both time and economy by providing transit transportation to the airport. Three crossroads were built on Eskişehir Road, which is another point where uninterrupted transportation is provided and one of the most important main arteries of Ankara, and the traffic problem was scalped.

While Istasyon Street Alternative Boulevard was completed for 126 million liras, a huge investment of 163 million was made for infrastructure works. Thanks to the 4-kilometer alternative boulevard consisting of 1 railway crossing bridges and 9 underpass, approximately 1,5 million citizens living in Etimesgut and Sincan took a deep breath.

Thanks to the Mavi Göl Entrance Köprülü Junction, which was built on Samsun Road and for which 17 million 500 thousand TL was spent, and the Eşref Akıncı Barracks Front Köprülü Junction, which was completed with a cost of 25 million 961 thousand TL, the accidents decreased and the economy was saved.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality solved the problem thanks to the two bridged intersections it built for 22 million 834 thousand TL on Şaşmaz Boulevard, where the traffic was locked for years. In Sincan Yenikent, which has turned into gangrene, where accidents occur frequently and traffic flow stops, 28 million TL was spent and bridge and road widening works were carried out.

While 2 crossroads were built on Etimesgut Türk Kızılay Street, another area where traffic problems and accidents are experienced, two crossroads on Turan Güneş Boulevard, which were built with a total expenditure of 51 million 800 thousand TL, were completed and offered to the people of Ankara.

The Sincan OSB Köprülü Junction, the construction of which costs 19 million TL, and the Başer Köprülü Junction on Ayas Yolu Devrimler Caddesi, which was built with a spending of 20 million TL, also relieved the traffic in the region.

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