Near East Became the Most Preferred University of TRNC

The Most Preferred University of TRNC Became Near East University
Near East University Became the Most Preferred University of TRNC

2022 YKS placement results were announced today. According to the results, 11.141 students were placed in TRNC universities this year. 23,1 percent of the students who chose TRNC for university education, 2.570 preferred Near East University. With these results, Near East University became the most preferred university in the TRNC, as it has been for the last six years.

According to the results of the first placement, the number of students placed in Near East University increased by 31 percent compared to the previous year. Right to place in 2022 YKS placement results kazanFinal registration of students must be made between 22-26 August 2022.

Assoc. Dr. Murat Tüzünkan: “The academic and social opportunities we provide and the scientific productivity created by our competent academic staff open the doors of a quality university life to our students.”

Near East University Vice Rector Assoc. Dr. Murat Tüzünkan, stating that Near East University is once again the most preferred university in TRNC according to the YKS preference results, said, “The academic and social opportunities provided by the Near East University to its students and the scientific productivity created by its competent academic staff, a qualified university life. It shows that it is also adopted by the young people who want to spend time.”

Assoc. Dr. Tüzünkan, the right to register at Near East University kazanmoment students; Reminding that the registration should be done between 22-26 August 2022, he said that they can complete the registration process at the Turkish representatives of the Near East University and the Near East University campus. Assoc. Dr. Murat Tüzünkan said, “It is our greatest source of happiness to be able to experience the privilege and pride of being a Near Easterner. I wish you a healthy and successful academic year.”

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