Closing Meeting of the Project 'Get a Cabin and Survive' Held in Manisa

The Closing Meeting of the Cabin, Survive Project was Held in Manisa
Closing Meeting of the Project 'Get a Cabin and Survive' Held in Manisa

The closing meeting of the project “Get a Cabin and Survive” was held in Manisa. The project, which was written by Manisa Provincial Health Directorate Project Unit Specialist Nurullah Şengül under the coordination of the Manisa Governor's Office, was financed by the EU Think Civil Program. Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, Provincial Directorate of Health, Provincial Gendarmerie Command and Manisa Metropolitan Headmen Assistance and Solidarity Association were also project stakeholders at the meeting, and the importance of installing a roping rod or cabin on tractors was explained with examples. Making the opening speech at the meeting, Manisa Governorship EU Project Coordinator Ural Sevener said that Manisa is in the 2022st place in terms of the number of tractors in Turkey, with 96 tractors as of the end of January 794. Pointing out that according to TUIK data, Manisa has 1 percent of tractor assets compared to Turkey's average, Sevener said, “According to TUIK data, the number of tractor accidents in Turkey in 6 is 2020. The fatality rate in tractor accidents is 2 percent. According to the data of Manisa Provincial Gendarmerie Command, 997 people lost their lives at the scene of traffic accidents within the borders of Manisa province in 70-2020, 2021 of these deaths were tractor-related accidents. The most common situation in fatal tractor accidents is usually caused by overturning. Currently, the use of many tractors without the roll-over protection system, the anti-roll bar and the tractor cabin, increases the number of deaths due to rollover.”

Presenting examples from tractor accidents, Sevener reminded that trainings on occupational safety, first aid and safe driving techniques were given in open field agriculture within the framework of the project and said, “Tractors are indispensable elements of agricultural activities. The demand for tractors in Turkey is quite high due to the habit of using it as a means of transportation in daily life and socio-economic reasons. Tractors are the most vital yet deadly tools used to increase production and efficiency in agriculture. The starting point of this project is to raise awareness about the use of ropes by making use of visual interaction as well as knowledge-based training programs in changing the behavior of drivers.”

Sevener drew attention to the fact that when the field work of the project started, in addition to the support of Salihli and Saruhanlı District Agriculture and Forestry Directorates, the people's one-to-one support, their voluntary participation in the shooting of the project's public spots, their voluntary use of their houses, fields and tractors, the project was strengthened in terms of effectiveness and awareness.

Speaking at the meeting, Manisa Governor Karadeniz said, “If we want our youth to stay in villages, we need to bring all the living conditions in the villages closer to the city. If we provide those opportunities, we will make the villages more attractive. This should be our goal, and as all public institutions and organizations, we need to make an effort in this direction.”

Stating that the tractor is used both as a means of transportation and as a means of production for those living in the villages, Governor Karadeniz said, “Especially our security forces and many organizations have made great efforts to ensure the safe use of tractors. Campaigns are organized to raise awareness of tractor users on this issue. But, based on the data we have, we can see that these do not have the desired effect on users, and that this deficiency continues. If we are talking about the fact that the death rate in tractor accidents is 70 percent today, if 100 out of 70 tractor accidents result in death, this is a serious rate. Of course, it should be essential not to have an accident by ensuring driving safety, but our main goal should be that no one loses their life in an accident or as a result of that accident, that this is minimized and that no one is injured.”

Stating that the tested and tried rules must be followed in order to minimize the death rate in tractor accidents, Governor Karadeniz said: kazanWe have to climb. Cab use is the main factor that comes first in the tractor. Having a reflector at the back of the tractors is very important for the safety of other drivers, especially for the tractors on the access roads to use reflectors to provide night visibility. This is a matter of habit. We teach these habits to our drivers. kazanWe must continue our efforts until The 'Cabin and Stay Alive' project is a project organized within this framework. Many of our institutions are acting jointly in this project. This shows that we all agree on this issue," he said.

Manisa Governor Yaşar Karadeniz, Şehzadeler District Governor Cemal Hüsnü Çaykara, Manisa Provincial Police Chief Ömer Uslusoy, Deputy Provincial Gendarmerie Brigade Commander Colonel Enver Sungur, Provincial Director of National Education Mustafa Dikici, Provincial Health Director Emre Erkuş, Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Metin Öztürk, Manisa Ural Sevener, EU Project Coordinator of the Governor's Office, representatives of the organizations supporting the project and volunteer farmers participated in the project.

Plaques, certificates of appreciation and gifts were given to those who participated and supported the project by the Governor Karadeniz and other protocol members.

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