New Service for Sales Partners: 'Amazon Contracted Carrier Program'

New Service for Sales Partners Amazon Contracted Carrier Program
New Service Exclusive to Sales Partners 'Amazon Contracted Carrier Program'

With its new service, the Amazon Contracted Carrier Program, Amazon Turkey enables its sales partners to receive small packages from their addresses and deliver them to Amazon Logistics (FBA) centers. Moreover, SMEs can benefit from this service, which helps them grow their business by reducing their operational burden, without paying any shipping charges until the end of January 2023. continues to offer special solutions and opportunities that help sales partners grow their businesses by reducing their operational burden. This time, Amazon Turkey has launched the Amazon Contracted Carrier Program for domestic small parcel deliveries to be sent by its sales partners to Amazon Fulfillment centers in Turkey. Within the scope of the program, Amazon Turkey ensures that the small packages of its sales partners are delivered to the FBA centers by receiving them from their addresses. In addition, sales partners can benefit from this program until January 31, 2023, without paying any shipping fees. Starting today, partners can view and use this feature in their “Send to Amazon” workflow via Seller Central.

By using this service, sales partners can also benefit from other advantages offered by Amazon Fulfillment. Products that arrive at Amazon Fulfillment Centers are delivered to customers with the advantage of fast delivery with the same day, next day and two-day shipping options by earning the Prime label. The FBA New Product program offers free storage, free removal, and free returns for a limited time on FBA-eligible products for sellers who list products not previously listed on FBA. Once affiliates sign up for the program, they can use these benefits for an unlimited number of new core products each year.

Amazon's services for affiliates are not limited to these. Thanks to the Amazon Europe Fulfillment Network, which stands out as a service offered by Amazon for sales partners who want to export to Europe through their stores in Europe, sales partners who have an account in one of the Amazon European stores and benefit from Amazon Fulfillment services, can find the product stored in an Amazon fulfillment center in a European country. It can also provide shipping for the orders of Amazon customers in other European countries from its inventory. With the free Amazon Brand Registry service, Amazon helps protect the intellectual property of SMEs with a registered trademark. Amazon Turkey's “IP Accelerator” program, on the other hand, brings small and medium-sized businesses together with a network of trusted intellectual property experts in Turkey and enables SMEs to access the services provided by the experts at discounted rates. Businesses participating in the program also have access to Amazon's brand protection tools before their trademark registrations are issued.

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