1 Million Students Have Fun And Learn At Summer Schools

Millions of Students Have Fun and Learn at Summer Schools
1 Million Students Have Fun And Learn At Summer Schools

The Ministry of National Education opened summer schools for students in four different fields for the first time this summer. 1 million students receive education in schools where science, art, mathematics and foreign language education take place. With the summer schools, on the one hand, students are provided to spend productive and qualified time in the summer, on the other hand, learning losses during Kovid-19 are compensated.

Mathematics summer schools were started with 16 thousand 294 students in 414 thousand 731 courses throughout Turkey. In order for students to develop positive attitudes towards mathematics, the education program in summer schools was planned with fun activities and life-based learning processes.

English summer schools started with 11 thousand 566 students in 327 thousand 104 courses throughout Turkey. In the mathematics and English summer schools, which were opened for the first time, 27 students are studying in 860 courses across the country.

There are 55 different workshops in BİLSEM summer schools

In BİLSEM summer schools, which were opened to all students for the first time this year, activities were prepared in 55 different workshops. Workshops in areas such as creative writing, mind games, music, thinking education, virtue workshop, visual arts, aviation, space, modern physics and robotics meet with students.

Making a statement on the subject, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer said, “We have offered the summer school in 4 fields to the service of all our students. We opened 2 summer schools under the title of science and art. At the same time, we opened a summer school within the scope of the mathematics mobilization. Here, we have designed a design so that our students from 4th to 12th grade can benefit. We also opened summer schools in our 81 provinces and 922 districts regarding English. Here, as in the math campaign, we accepted all our students from grade 4 to grade 12 to summer school. Approximately 1 million of our students receive education both in science and art summer schools of science and art centers and in mathematics and English summer schools.” said.

Özer stated that the process will be evaluated when the summer schools are completed and that the scope of the application will be expanded after the next academic year.

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