Special Deals in Partnership with ZES, SKYWELL

Special Deals in Partnership with ZES SKYWELL
Special Deals in Partnership with ZES, SKYWELL

ZES (Zorlu Energy Solutions), which has developed the electric vehicle infrastructure with the electric vehicle charging stations it has implemented in 81 provinces of Turkey, offers special opportunities to SKYWELL customers. Entering the Turkish market under the umbrella of Ulu Motor, SKYWELL's private showrooms, DC fast charging stations at SKYHOUSE points, and ZES also offer discounts to SKYWELL customers with a special logo card.

SKYWELL, which entered the Turkish market very quickly with the distributorship of Ulu Motor, one of the Ulubaşlar Group companies, and was welcomed with great interest by the Turkish consumers, continues to offer innovations to its customers. SKYWELL, which attracts attention with its powerful design, performance battery technology, range of 520 km, semi-autonomous driving, smart features and most importantly, 8 years and 150 thousand km battery warranty, offers special opportunities to its customers with its partnership with ZES (Zorlu Energy Solutions). offers.

Custom ZES cards with SKYWELL logo

Offering the brand's electric SUV model ET5 to the Turkish market as of November, SKYWELL offers its customers special card options and discounts. ZES, which has established DC fast charging stations in the showrooms of the brand named SKYHOUSE and opened it to the service of customers, also offers cards with the special SKYWELL logo. Customers who load energy into their vehicles from charging points with ZES cards with the SKYWELL logo also have the opportunity of special discounts.

More than a showroom: SKYHOUSE

A special experience is experienced at SKYHOUSE points, which are commissioned exclusively for the SKYWELL brand and offer much more than an automobile showroom. At this point, the brand, which offers a high-level experience for SKYWELL customers in an environment in the comfort of a living room, takes these points to the next level with ZES charging points. While the customers who come to SKYHOUSEs have an environment where they can spend time in special experience areas, have coffee, tea and even hold meetings, they get discounted charging opportunities thanks to ZES DC charging points.

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