New Renault Trafic Models Launched in Turkey

New Renault Trafic Models Released in Turkey
New Renault Trafic Models Launched in Turkey

Renault, Turkey's most preferred passenger car brand, continues to strengthen its commercial product range. Renewed Renault Trafic was offered for sale in Turkey with all versions addressing different usage needs. In addition to the manual transmission versions offered in Panel Van and Combi 5+1; Automatic transmission options offered in Trafic Combi 5+1 and Trafic Combi 8+1 will increase Renault's claim in the commercial vehicle market by responding to the increasing demand for automatic gears in the market.

The new Renault Trafic family has a more modern look than its predecessors. kazanwas. The model that steers its class with its versions for different needs; With its new exterior design with a strong appearance, large carrying capacity, optimized interior and advanced security features, it meets the consumers with special launch prices starting from 421.000 TL.

The renewed members of Renault's commercial vehicle family are making an ambitious entry into the market with a 100-month 12 interest rate for 0,99 thousand TL, in addition to their special launch prices.

Renault MAİS General Manager Berk Çağdaş: “As Turkey's most preferred passenger car brand, Renault, we continue our efforts to reflect this strength in the light commercial vehicle market. The light commercial vehicle market takes a 2022 percent share from the total market as of 23 first quarter results. The Medium Van segment, on the other hand, has a total weight of 4,2 percent in the light commercial vehicle market, with 2,4 percent Panel Van and 6,6 percent Combi. In addition, approximately one third of the minibus segment, which has a share of 4,9 percent in the commercial vehicle market, consists of 8+1 combi/minibuses. New Trafic Combi 5+1, Combi 8+1 and Panel Van versions of Renault, which are produced with efficient, stylish versions that can adapt to every job and usage purpose in the medium van segment, where the interest continues to increase day by day, are suitable for easy loading, superior loading capacities, With its most assertive storage areas, comfortable interiors, smart cockpits and advanced driving support systems, it meets all kinds of needs. We believe that the renewed members of the Renault Commercial family will be one of the best options in the market by bringing the functionality to the highest level in both business and private use with its assertive modular design features in its class. After the New Express, which we introduced to the Turkish market last September, we want to further increase our claim in the commercial vehicle market with the renewal of the New Trafic model and the automatic transmission and 8+1 seat versions added to the product range.”

More detail and energy in exterior design

More elegant and eye-catching, the front of the new Trafic family has been completely redesigned to appeal to both commercial and individual customers. Presented with fully LED headlights, the new Trafic offers a more modern look with daytime running lights with a C-shaped light signature, new colors and accessories.

The Trafic family displays a more dynamic and powerful appearance with its corrugated horizontal engine cover and vertical front grille.

New Trafic's headlights stand out with their new design and technology. The new headlights, which are fully LED, are equipped with automatic lighting as standard. In addition, the C-shaped daytime running lights emphasize the brand identity.

New Traffic; It is offered in two new body colors, Cloud Blue and Carmen Red. Apart from that, it can be preferred in White, Smoke Grey, Arsenic Grey, Smoked Gray and Night Black colors.

While 16” wheels and new hub caps are offered as standard, Silver Gray 17” aluminum alloy wheels can be optionally purchased depending on the version.

Spacious, ergonomic and modern interior

New Renault Trafic Models Released in Turkey

While the new Renault Trafic family responds to both business and daily use needs with its renewed cabin interior features, it also draws attention with the significant increase in upholstery and material quality. Especially the equipment offered in the Combi 8+1 version and the quality of the materials used do not look like passenger cars.

Increasing the feeling of spaciousness and spaciousness, the new console contributes to driving comfort with the digital instrument panel placed on it. Having larger and more visible dials with a completely new design, the new Trafic also offers a 4,2” color digital instrument cluster, depending on the version. While the cruise control and limiter controls, which are offered as standard, are integrated into the steering wheel, the warning lamps have been rearranged for visual comfort. In addition, for a much more ergonomic use, the piano keypad is offered as standard in the middle of the front console.

Renault Trafic Panel Van turns into an indispensable commercial vehicle for professional customers with its cleverly designed solutions and makes a difference with its mobile office feature. The foldable front passenger seat can be used as an office desk with notepad storage area or as a dining table during lunch breaks.

Advanced technology and connectivity

In addition to the standard R&Go radio, the new Trafic family takes the connectivity in commercial vehicles to a new level with the optional Renault Easy Link 8” touchscreen infotainment system and Apple CarPlay. In addition, a comfortable travel experience is offered with the optional 15W wireless charger, USB ports and 12V charging socket.

Depending on the version, the new Trafic is equipped with hands-free Renault Kart technology. This technology allows the driver to automatically unlock without touching the vehicle when approaching, and completely locks when he moves away. This system, which significantly increases comfort, also responds to safety needs and contributes to the daily driving experience.

Advanced driving assistance systems for added safety

New Trafic, with the driving support package offered depending on the version, with new generation driving support systems such as adaptive cruise control, active emergency brake support system, lane tracking system, blind spot warning system, automatic high-low beam technology and traffic sign recognition system. offers driving safety and comfort. In addition, passenger airbags are offered as standard in all Trafic Combi versions.

Depending on the version, optional features such as 360-degree parking assistant and rear view camera increase safety in New Trafic.

Large cargo and passenger carrying capacity

The new Renault Trafic Panel Van is equipped with further enhanced practical features while preserving its DNA. The Panel Van version, which is offered with a body length of 5,480 mm and a body height of 1.967 mm, meets the consumers with a loading volume of 6 cubic meters. The new Trafic Panel Van, the model with the best ground loading length in its segment, allows loading up to a full 4,15 m.

The new Trafic Combi 5+1 version can be used for both business and daily needs. The second row seats, which allow three people to travel comfortably, are offered with a folding feature that facilitates the transition to the loading area. Offering 4 cubic meters of loading space, the New Trafic Combi increases driving comfort with the automatic transmission option that has been newly added to the product range, as well as the manual transmission version.

Approximately one-third of the minibus segment, which has a share of 4,9 percent in the commercial vehicle market, consists of 3+1 Minibuses and Combis. Launched in line with market requirements, the Trafic Combi 8+1 version offers ideal passenger comfort and luggage space for family trips as well as carrying passengers. Thanks to its 8 mm length, the new Trafic Combi 1+8 version can accommodate up to nine passengers, including the driver, without sacrificing 1 cubic meters of luggage space. It aims to meet the expectations of individual and commercial users with its stylish design, modular structure, in-car comfort and automatic transmission.

The new Trafic Combi, which offers a storage capacity of up to 80,6 liters in the front section depending on the version, has been optimized with a better distribution of storage space. There are two new storage compartments, one in front of the driver and the other in the center section of the dashboard. While these compartments are offered with or without a lid, depending on the version, they have a storage space of 0,8 liters and 3 liters, respectively. The new Trafic Combi has a total of 14,6 liters of storage space in the driver and front passenger doors.

Powerful and efficient engine & transmission options

The new Trafic family meets consumers with the 2.0-liter Blue dCi engine option. Engines equipped with Stop & Start technology meet the Euro 6D FULL norm. In addition, the “Gear Shift Indicator” informs the driver when it is the right time to change gears, thus providing extra fuel savings. Available in Combi 5+1 and Combi 8+1 versions with EDC transmission option, New Trafic offers 150 and 170 hp depending on the version. The engine and transmission combinations in the Turkish market are as follows;

  • New Trafic Panel Van: 2.0 Blue dCi 150 hp
  • New Trafic Combi 5+1: 2.0 Blue dCi 150 hp
  • New Trafic Combi 5+1 EDC: 2.0 Blue dCi EDC 170 hp
  • New Trafic Combi 8+1 EDC: 2.0 Blue dCi EDC 170 hp


Model Version List


Launch Exclusive

Campaign Price

New Trafic Panel Van 2.0 Blue dCi 150 hp 431.000,00 TL 421.000,00 TL
New Trafic Combi 5+1 2.0 Blue dCi 150 hp 497.000,00 TL 486.000,00 TL
New Trafic Combi 5+1 EDC 2.0 Blue dCi EDC 170 hp 552.000,00 TL 539.000,00 TL
New Trafic Combi 8+1 EDC 2.0 Blue dCi EDC 170 hp 595.000,00 TL 580.000,00 TL


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