These diseases can be mistaken for spring fatigue!

These diseases can be mistaken for spring fatigue
These diseases can be mistaken for spring fatigue!

Contrary to the vitality of nature, if you feel tired and sluggish and have trouble concentrating, you may be under the influence of spring fatigue in these days when the winter season is replaced by spring. Acıbadem Kozyatağı Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Meltem Batmacı stated that there has been an increase in the number of people who come to the polyclinics with complaints such as fatigue and weakness with the change in the weather these days, “About one third of the applications to primary health care services are made due to fatigue. This situation, which is described as "spring fatigue" by the society, can be temporary, but there can also be serious reasons behind it. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment are of great importance. Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Meltem Batmacı talked about the diseases that can be confused with spring fatigue and made important warnings and suggestions.

As the cold and abrasive winter days are left behind and the spring season enters, the change in both temperature and humidity can cause problems such as weakness, fatigue, depressive mood, constant desire to sleep and inability to concentrate, which are called 'spring fatigue' in many people. Acıbadem Kozyatağı Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Meltem Batmacı stated that spring fatigue is short-term and that there may be other reasons behind the fatigue that lasts longer than a few weeks: “The duration of fatigue is important. Short-term fatigue is usually more benign. It occurs with acute medical status changes and a new stress factor or temporary factors such as having too much fun the previous evening, being dehydrated, the onset of colds, vitamin and mineral deficiency, hunger. Sometimes the cause of fatigue is simply overwork. This type of acute fatigue can occur in anyone. However, if the fatigue lasts for more than a month, it is necessary to go beyond the ordinary and investigate the underlying causes.

From sleep apnea to cancer…

Emphasizing that it is important for the patient to apply to the physician and tell his/her detailed story, to perform detailed physical examination and tests appropriate to the symptoms, it is important to understand whether there is a serious illness underlying the fatigue that lasts longer than a month. Meltem Batmacı says: “Blood analysis, imaging or some other more specific examination methods may be required. E.g; the patient's sleep problem, daytime sleepiness, snoring describing sleep apnea syndrome; Lack of enjoyment of life may suggest depression, fever may suggest an infectious disease, weight loss may suggest an overactive thyroid gland, depression or cancer. For this reason, those whose fatigue lasts longer than a month should definitely consult a doctor.” The treatment of the cause determined by the physician; Stating that it varies according to the patient and possible accompanying diseases, Dr. Meltem Batmacı says, “There are numerous, individual and cause-specific treatment methods such as drug therapy, surgical treatment, radioactive treatments, cognitive behavioral therapies, psychotherapies, supportive relationships, exercise, and working at a job.

These diseases can be thought of as 'spring fatigue'!

  • Anemia (anemia)
  • Thyroid diseases
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Liver and kidney diseases
  • Lung and heart diseases
  • Cancer
  • blood diseases
  • Depression and anxiety disorders,
  • Psychological disorders affecting work, family and social life
  • chronic burnout syndrome

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