Announced Bonus For Workers: Updated Workers Bonus List Announced

The worker bonus payment will be made, who will receive how much bonus
The worker bonus payment will be made, who will receive how much bonus

April is a bonus month for both retirees and public workers, and 700.000 workers will be paid for 13 days within the scope of bonus payments, or in other words, disbursement payments. Holiday Bonus payments will be deposited into accounts on April 29, 2022. So how much will the lowest worker bonus pay be? Here is our full holiday bonus list.

With the arrival of April, approximately 700 thousand public workers were excited about bonuses, that is, additional payment. 700-day bonuses will be paid to approximately 13 thousand workers on 29 April. Bonuses are received over 52 days each year. According to the news of the calendar, the first 2022-day portion of the 26-day bonuses for the first half of 13 was paid on January 28. The second part of 13 days will be credited to the accounts on April 29. Public workers will also receive a 26-day payment in the second half of the year, by the decision of the President. The schedule for this payment will also be determined in July. Payments will vary based on salary.

While a minimum wage worker will be paid 52 TL gross and 8.673 TL net over 6.200 days this year, the 13-day payment will be 1.550 TL net. The worker with a gross salary of 7.500 TL will be given a total of 9.293 TL this year, and 13 TL as a 2.323-day payment this month.

Gross Salary Gross Payment
(52 days)
Net Payment
(52 days)
Net Payment
(13 days)
5.004 8.673 6.200 1.550
5.250 9.100 6.505 1.626
5.500 9.533 6.815 1.703
5,750 9.966 7.125 1.781
6.000 10.400 7.435 1.858
6.250 10.833 7.744 1.936
6.500 11.266 8.054 2.013
7.000 12.133 8.674 2.168
7.500 13.000 9.293 2.323

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