How to Fix Skin Problems?

How to Relieve Skin Problems
How To Fix Skin Problems

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon Associate Professor İbrahim Aşkar gave important information about the subject. With aging, problems such as loss of elasticity, decrease in cell regeneration and tissue nutrition, wrinkles, capillary increase, increase in pore opening, sagging and stains occur in the skin, which is exposed to external factors for a long time. Especially smoking, air pollution, UV rays, dry and windy weather conditions cause an increase in free oxygen radicals in the skin.

Mesoport contains hyaluronic acid, 12 vitamins, more than twenty amino acids, especially antioxidant-effective amino acids, coenzymes, DNA, polypedids, glutathione, gingko biloba, mannitol, DMAE, organic silica, tranexamic acid and botox, making the skin shine, radiance, moisture rate, wrinkles. It significantly restores its elasticity, pore opening, thickness and homogeneous appearance. With the products it contains, it both repairs and balances the problems of the skin.

Mesoport is applied in 15 or 2 sessions at 3 days intervals, depending on the wear rate of the skin. The vitality and radiance of the skin are increased, wrinkles and dryness are reduced. In order to maintain the effect of the mesoport, which takes effect within a few days of the first session, a protection session should be performed every 6 months. It is an application that can be applied 24 hours a day at all ages and in all seasons, and it does not require sun protection unless there is bruising at the needle sites. If there is a bruise where the pinholes are, it is necessary to stay away from sunlight and solarium until the bruise goes away.

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