President Soyer Distributed Lamb Raising Feed to Villagers Who Had Difficult Times

President Soyer Distributed Lamb Growing Feed to Koylu who had a difficult time
President Soyer Distributed Lamb Raising Feed to Villagers Who Had Difficult Times

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer continues to support the small producer in the countryside. Mayor Soyer distributed lamb rearing feed to the villagers, who had a difficult time due to the ever-increasing feed prices and were on the verge of breaking out of production. Soyer said that they are fighting against drought and poverty by supporting small producers, so that the citizens of the city have healthy food. Producers explaining that the increase in feed prices has reached a painful level, on the other hand, due to the support given. Tunç SoyerHe thanked.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer's vision of “Another Agriculture is Possible” gave hope to the producer, who was crushed by increasing feed costs. At the same time, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which fights drought and poverty by supporting small cattle breeding and ensuring that citizens have access to healthy food, has also distributed lamb rearing feed in Tire today. A total of 23 sacks of feed were distributed to 81 producers in 4 neighborhoods who graduated from university but lost hope of finding a job in other fields and returned to their land and turned to animal husbandry.

“The producer who could not get enough in the place where he was born is left unclaimed”

Speaking at the ceremony in Tire, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç SoyerHe said that Turkey is facing a very serious economic crisis. The President pointed out that the high cost of living and high inflation reduce the quality of life of citizens. Tunç Soyer“The picture we are in is an extremely fragile, disaster-prone, troublesome picture. We need to consider where this problem comes from. The source of this problem is the mistakes made about agricultural policies. Agricultural policy in Turkey has been unattended and unclaimed since the past. The manufacturer does not know what to do. Because the small producer is ownerless. Agricultural policies in Turkey are planned so that only those who farm on a large scale will win. Small producers were asked not to engage in agriculture. They were asked to become a cheap labor force in the city. Not even looked back. No planning, no ownership. The small producer, who could not get enough in the place where he was born, was left unattended.”

“Neither our conscience nor our minds are willing to watch this painting”

Explaining the reasons for their departure by saying "Another Agriculture is Possible", President Soyer said, "In fact, our ancestors lived happily in these fertile lands by producing and working. They managed to live on what they produced. They did not need anyone. What happened, what has changed so that we now import agricultural products? They just mismanaged us, applied the wrong agricultural policies. They abandoned us. They did not give a hand to the small producer, they did not support. But this is not destiny. Another farming is possible!. We are not the Ministry of Agriculture. We are the municipality. We do not have the power to change the agricultural policy in the country. But there is much we can do as a municipality. Neither our conscience nor our minds are willing to watch this painting. That's why we will take care of you until the end. We will fight drought and poverty by supporting small cattle breeding. We need to be tied to each other. Each of you is very precious,” he said.

“It has undertaken important projects to develop Turkish agriculture”

Mayor of Tire Salih Atakan Duran, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerI would like to thank to our president, who has always stood by our producers by saying 'Another Agriculture is Possible' since the day he took office. Our President distributed free lamb and buffalo to our producer. It has undertaken many important projects to develop Turkish livestock and agriculture. In these days when feed prices have increased considerably, the dairy lamb feeds are distributed free of charge to the producer, giving a great support. Goodbye," he said.

We are with you

İzmir Village Coop Union President Neptün Soyer also mentioned the importance of unity and solidarity in her speech and said: “As long as we build and maintain unity and solidarity, the partnership and hand-in-hand work of very strong horizontal cooperatives with the unions in their vertical organization will make us much stronger. Doing this job knowingly by reading will yield much better results. Know that we will always be by your side with our presidents with one phone call until the end.”

We will work together and win together

Osman Öztürk, President of Tire Dairy Cooperative, stated that they took office with the slogan "We will work together, we will win together" and said, "We will support our producers together. We will evaluate the milk. We are open. The support given by the Metropolitan Municipality to the producers is also very important," he said.

“The families make a living with the animals you distribute”

Beydağ Mayor Feridun Yılmazlar thanked Mayor Soyer for his support to the producer and said: “On May 30, 2019, our Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer We distributed 130 lambs to 520 families in Beydağ. Currently, we have around 300 sheep. We didn't have any herds. Currently, 27 families make their living from these sheep and lambs.”

“The fact that feed prices were so high made it hard for us”

Saying that they are breathing thanks to the support provided by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, producer Songül Mayor said, “I am an associate degree graduate. I am a dairy graduate. I came here after getting married. I used to work elsewhere. Then my wife and I decided to take a step for ourselves and our children. For this reason, we decided to start animal husbandry in Tire, which is the most suitable place for us. The fact that the feed prices were so high was very difficult for us. We cannot do this with these budgets. We have sheep. We also feed goats with your support. We want to be successful in this business. We will do this with your support," he said.

Producer complains about feed prices

Producer Elif Sırdaş also stated that she is a university graduate and said, “Since we cannot find a job, my wife and I are engaged in animal husbandry. We have sheep. We are also victims of feed prices. Every time we buy, we get a raise. Even a little bit we are struggling. Thank you for your support,” he said.

Sinem Görgü, on the other hand, stated that they have been doing small cattle breeding for 5 years and said: “We have started to have purchasing power problems in recent years. Because of this support, our President Tunç SoyerThank you very much. Animal husbandry became more and more difficult. We had reached the final point. But your support made us breathe.”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor for the support given to Engin Temiz Tunç SoyerHe thanked. After the speeches, feed was distributed to the producers.

Who participated?

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor attended the ceremony. Tunç Soyer, İzmir Village Cooperative Union President Neptün Soyer, Tire Mayor Salih Atakan Duran and his wife Necibe Atakan, Ödemiş Mayor Feridun Yılmazlar and his wife Filiz Yılmazlar, Ödemiş Mayor Mehmet Eriş and his wife Selma Eriş, Torbalı Mayor Mithat Tekin, Tire Dairy Cooperative President Osman Öztürk, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Tugay, producers, headmen and many citizens attended.

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